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23 Mar 2010, 4:53 AM
Some issues I found during my first impressions:

Widths and Heights are not saved if cleared: I may need to resize a panel according to its container (like a window), so I clear the width and height of the component. But when I save the project, the default width and height is applied.
Open Recent option doesn't seem to be working.
Last save directory not remembered.

23 Mar 2010, 6:34 AM
First off, this app looks and feels incredible. Amazing work *as always*!

I have noticed a few things:

JSON Store isn't loading for me

"Error: Unable to load data using the supplied configuration"
I can copy & paste the URL that I have defined in Ext Designer for the store into my browser, and it outputs JSON data (with the proper Content-Type)

In the "Data Stores" tab, the "Remove" and "Quick add" items should be separated, just for usability.

I'll post anything else I find.

Keep up the good work, ExtJS! =D>

23 Mar 2010, 7:51 AM

I got the following problem: everytime when I start the program I get a splash screen, which tells me that a new version of Ext Designer is available. I already deinstalled the current one and installed the downloaded file again, but there is no change, after a new start this splash screen is still there...

I'm using Ext Designer on a windows 7-32bit system.

23 Mar 2010, 8:13 AM
The Delete menu context when you right click on any object in the Components tree does not work. Although, selecting Delete Component from the Component menu does work.

23 Mar 2010, 8:52 AM
If I drag a menu onto a form I always get this error;

An Error has occurred on line 0 in undefined.
Element.alignToXY with an element that doesn't exist

Also if I drop an html editor on a window its a fixed size, you can't resize it and altering the height and width in the component config does nothing also.

23 Mar 2010, 9:17 AM
Here some of my first thoughts combined from this thread:

GridPanel, can not set RowSelectionModel({singleSelect: true})
Designer, File -> Open Project does not remember the previous path
Designer, Errortext in error-msgbox should "copy-able" with Ctrl-C for easier bug-reporting
Designer, currently installed update-level of Designer should be displayed, says still 1.0.0 after updates
Designer, prefs, please allow also "tab" instead of "spaces" for Indent
GridPanel, error/corruption when setting autoExpandColumn tor column id
GridPanel, error when selecting 'Auto Columns' from context-menu
Paging Toolbar, can not add/edit displayInfo, displayMsg, emptyMsg, pagesSize
Designer, creating new project does not destroy Data Stores (and Code-Window) completely
Designer, feature request, only selection of Code should "copy-able" with Ctrl-C or clipboard-button
FormPanel, empty title in saved .xds is refilled with "My Form" when loading
FormPanel, can not add formBind:true to a button in fbar
Designer, prefs, empty URL-prefix can not be saved, always reverts to default http://localhost/

User realajax also found some of these and more, you should read through the whole thread there...

I actually appreciate the work which went into the product already and I hope that most things, at least the basic issues, will be sorted out soon.

23 Mar 2010, 9:21 AM
Fired up the designer app - nice start.

Problems i have are:

- no chart components?

- resizing not working on the canvas
a) dragged and drop TabPanel, in the design canvas i cannot resize, but can manually resize in the config Width and Height

b) added button and slider to the Tab 1 canvas, cannot move the components to properly place within the tab form, they seem to be frozen on the first row