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30 Mar 2010, 12:59 AM
I created a new project and a JSON Datastore in it. Everytime I wanted to change an attribute of the datastore I got an error in Line 7 (which I could not copy into clipboard). When I saved the project and reopended it, I couldn't even switch to the datastore tab at all, sometimes with an error message, sometimes without any.

Then I created a new project, created the same Datastore with the same settings and everything was just fine. My first project is still f*cked up when I reopen it.

Then I restarted the designer and reopened the 1st project once more. I could switch to the datastore tab this time, but all the fields have gone.

Part II:
I managed to build the datastore meanwhile after restarting the designer several times and reopening the project, but it can't load data because a cache can't be deleted (once again line 7 in designer-complete.js).

The datagrid I have created meanwhile doesn't recognize the complete datastore at all but any other, even after restarting the designer and reopening the project.

The settings for the datastore are correct. I could load data to a store with the same settings before (after several tries and sometimes at least) and the service delivers the data in the correct format.

Version / Windows Vista SP2

30 Mar 2010, 1:46 AM
phpeter - Any chance you can provide the sample xds that you are having issues with?

30 Mar 2010, 2:00 AM
I have overwritten it meanwhile. I try to reproduce the error and then I'll post the project file.

30 Mar 2010, 2:05 AM

30 Mar 2010, 2:19 AM
Some of the problems still exist in the project file. The datastore is not recognized by the grid and it can't load the data.

The data, which is provided in the zip file as "personen.json" is located at http://localhost/extdesigner1/db/personen and i have send it with the http headers:

Content-type: text/x-json
Content-type: text/json

encoded in utf8

It did'nt work both. Error message:

An error has occured on line 7 in designer-complete.js
TypeError: result of expression 'delete i.dataCache' [undefined] is not an object