View Full Version : Right To left

30 Mar 2010, 6:38 PM
hi guys ,

why ext designer does not support Right to left and arabic language ?


31 Mar 2010, 1:10 AM
Just because the ExtJS Framework currently does not support it either, i guess

31 Mar 2010, 1:26 AM
but really this is very important , our application have two interfaces the second one RTL
if the ext designer support RTL , it will be very useful for me and many , and they should take into consideration.

i don't know why always no one think about this , while its very important
for example , dreamweaver and other designers , they support this , i think who developed Extjs , can easy support RTL , extjs changed my life :)

31 Mar 2010, 10:02 PM
please search the forums. i remember, someone did a plugin or some overrides to make RTL come true on some widgets.