View Full Version : Ext Designer should still be in Beta

15 Apr 2010, 5:25 PM
I'm sorry to say, but Ext Designer (Mac) should still be in Beta as it's riddled with bugs and problems.

Don't get me wrong - it's an excellent product and I look forward to a proper working version before I spend my money on it.

1. The product constantly breaks my interfaces, where I have to delete and recreate a bunch of objects.

2. The preview does not always reflect the exported version - especially in relation to point 1.

3. If you don't do things in a particular order, objects become corrupt. One such example: If you create a Store and then Edit Preferences to set the URL Prefix, then try to Load Data - the store is broken and cannot be fixed - need to delete and recreate it.

4. Constant strange behavior - menus don't work, crashes, constantly need to restart the product, lots of objects makes the product too slow to use requiring many separate projects, deleting objects sometimes leaves junk lying making it impossible to work with, redraw issues where the window container is drawn twice, and the list goes on.

5. Little to no documentation / tutorials, or any meaningful examples.

Its so frustrating to use in it's current state.

I do not think you should be charging for the product at this point in time considering the amount of problems the product has.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not one of those people ranting "this should be a free product" ... I'm happy to pay for it - but only when it's a proper working product.

The product should never have left Beta stage. You are charging people for a Beta product. You are charging people to do your Beta testing for you. I think that's wrong.

Once again I like the product and see great potential for it - it's just not ready for market.

My trial ends tomorrow and I wont be buying the product - not just yet anyway.

I hope these issues get resolved soon.

16 Apr 2010, 8:23 AM
I totally agree with this point of view.

Although the product shows great potential I think it is not acceptable to charge people for it's usage at this stage, especially when the charged amount is so high !

Just as joejoemetoo states it, it is NOT a problem of expecting a free product, but at present times THE COMMUNITY IS DOING THE BETA TESTING and your company gets paid while getting the feedbacks. I consider you are doing things wrong here.

Just as it was said by joejoemetoo, I would be happy to pay for such a product when it is ready, as I'm sure most users would. I would also gladly report bugs and do my best to possibly bring it to a stable state. But then again all we are left with are 15 days and then we must pay at least $219 to go further with what cannot be considered as a finished product. Sorry but it sounds bad to my ears.

Please don't misunderstand me, once again the product seems very promising and will surely be a valuable tool once it's ready. Also the responsible programmer (aconran) seems to always be very reactive and dedicated to enhance the product as fast as possible. But it is definitly not acceptable, for me at least, to be requested to pay such an amount for an unfinished product.

I'm sorry to state it like this but a few years ago your company already kinda hijacked ExtJS adopters by suddenly changing your license scheme, building a user base on the open-source community and then forcing the onces that got involved to pay you. At least in the Ext Designer project things are a little clearer, you are asking the community to pay for the project development while enjoying it's feedback at the same time.

My point is, in regards to the license fees your company is asking, I do not imagine it is not possible for you to sustain the Ext Designer development without asking money for it until it is ready, although you do not seem ashamed to do just that. And if you really need some funding to achieve this development why not propose a REASONABLE price for it ?

To finish with a positive note, I really thank you for making ExtJS what it is. It really is a marvelous piece of code and brings many advantages to programmers like myself. But please, from time to time, take a little distance and stop thinking of making money before offering your customers something that's worth what you charge them for.

Thank you.