View Full Version : Local Store for Combobox

17 Apr 2010, 1:32 AM
I would like to do the following or something equivalent with the Designer.

,fieldLabel: 'Contract Type*'
,store: ['FixedPrice', 'Mixed', 'PayAsYouGo'] /// <<------
,typeAhead: true
,forceSelection: true
,triggerAction: 'all'
,emptyText:'Select a contract type...'

I think that is so useful that it would really be a shame to have to design a store and specify a URL to fetch from a server when this can all be done by a simple local store.

Could we not add a "localStore" setting when one can simply specify the list of items which goes in the combo?

18 Apr 2010, 10:51 PM
I come to the conclusion that the Designer does not support at all Local Store, and that Combobox are also not supported.
I tried many ways. I tried writing my own stores by hand, the good old way, but I did not find a way to attach it to my combobox.
Of course you can use the id of the store, but what about the other combobox' fields which are needed. E.g. what about "displayField", "valueField", triggerAction:'all'?

If I am wrong could anyone show my an example of a form with a combobox linked to some static local choices? I mean this is quite fundamental, isn't it?:(

19 Apr 2010, 4:16 PM
LocalStore will be coming in a future release.