View Full Version : Border Layout : Too Much Memory Consumption & CPU Usage

5 Dec 2006, 1:41 AM
Hi! jack,

we recently tried your yahoo extension library and the components are really very impressive.

But I need to inform you of a possible bug, in the library. which if not resolved may put the whole effort in vain.

we have dual core processors (AMD Athlon 64Bit processors) with 1GB RAM .

when we tried to resize the panels in the feed-viewer.html / complex.html we noticed that both the processors are running at their high peaks i.e. 90+ % in Linux +Netscape/mozilla .(30-40% on IE) Also the resizing event is consuming approximately 2-3 MB of RAM
we request you to please review your code and make the necessary improvements.
see the image below:-

5 Dec 2006, 5:41 AM
Try resizing the browser window, I would imagine it goes even higher. There's nothing particularly intensive about a splitbar operation. During any operation that tracks mouse position, your are going to use CPU.