View Full Version : TreePanel that has Checkboxes as Nodes

14 May 2010, 3:52 AM

Working on the Designer, is there a way for one to create a TreePanel that has textboxes as Nodes ? Seeing the program the obvious answer is not, but I am asking in case there is a way.

Alternatively, I'll have to write the .js file, and then "combine" it with the .xds program somehow?

14 May 2010, 6:59 AM
By default, a TreeNode uses the TreeNodeUI class. You are able to specify your own uiProviders for your TreeLoader, which is a hash of uiProvider classes specified on your TreeNode's.

In short, no, there isn't a way to change your TreeNode's UI other than implementing your own in your .js file or a separate file. The UI for each node is dictated by the node data that is loaded, usually coming from the server. The Designer doesn't have the ability to mock up your TreeNode's, just the TreePanel itself. This would be a good future addition however...

See the uiProvider config property on the TreeNode class, and the uiProviders config property on the TreeLoader class in the online documentation for more information. Thanks.