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15 May 2010, 12:19 AM
Hei All,

I have a problem about RequestBuilder here. And also need explaination about it.
The problem is why I've got Response status code = 0 ??
Here the code:

try {
String url1 = GWT.getModuleBaseURL() + "search-results.js";
String url2 = "";
RequestBuilder requestBuilder = new RequestBuilder(RequestBuilder.GET, url2);
requestBuilder.sendRequest(null, new JSONResponseTextHandler());
} catch (RequestException ex) {

as mentioned on code above, I have 2 URL that need to access by gxt --> url1 and url2
When I use first URL (url1) its return response status = 200 (OK)
But when I use the second (url2) its return response status = 0 (???)

Its restricted to access another resource outside the default environtment (I'm a nubie and use eclipse with google plugins as development environment).

Thanks for your help..