View Full Version : Grid render BUG ? Anybody give me an answer?

19 May 2010, 2:16 AM
I use grid in my application and due to the store of grid are changed/updated regularly, we have to refresh or re-render the grid through the loader.load() , and I use a timer to set 60 seconds to load the store. When the load() was executed, the grid would be re-rendered. In my firefox/IE, I noticed that every time the grid was refreshed, the column width will shrink in a little, its a really small size modification, but if you open the application for a long time, like one or two hours, at last the width of every column of the grid will become very very narrow.

I checked the code of my application but nothing found. Then I check the mail demo example in the offical website. I
found that when you click the "inbox" and "send items" in the west panel of this example, will have the same scenario:

it will refresh the grid in the center panel, and you will see that the column of the grid will have very little change.

Is it a bug of grid? or is there any solution for it? Because my application will run as a realtime monitor and will be refreshed every 60 seconds. when user open it and leave it running, the grid column size will be very small.

19 May 2010, 4:31 AM
You are using forcefit i guess. This is a known problem and was already reported. 2.2 will fix it