View Full Version : GridPanel intreprets 2 separate row clicks as dblclick in chrome

21 May 2010, 5:50 AM
to reproduce:
1) go to http://preview.auto-interactive.nl/extjs-bug/test.html with chrome (v5 in my case)
2) on the first tab 'dblclick' quickly click on one row and then on another. this acts like a dblclick on the 2nd row even though the 2nd row was clicked just once.

only in chrome, not FF nor IE.

having it in ext 3.2.1 (was there in 3.2.0 and most certainly before)

I've found the demo linked from
which seems to describe another problem.

Is chrome to blame? won't fix? If technically it's just two single clicks, can't ext check if the 2nd click occured on the same row?