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  1. Unanswered: Click Event Enable, then Disable and then Reenable - (1 Participant)

    Hello, I have the following Start button which starts a operation. <span class="roundButton" name="secondaryBtnStart"...

    Started by vramali1, Yesterday 10:17 PM
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  2. Unanswered: Ext.Factory.viewModel is not a function. - (1 Participant)

    I feel like this may be a bug within Ext.mixin.Bindable (Bindable.js:617). applyViewModel() tries to call Ext.Factory.viewModel(), which doesn't...

    Started by byronaltice, Yesterday 9:06 AM
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  3. Unanswered: Modal window store "null" onSave - (1 Participant)

    Hi guys, I'm having trouble referencing a store (in my view controller) that I'm loading into a modal window. I have a leaflet map loaded into a...

    Started by mkrakowski, 30 Jul 2015 10:55 AM
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  4. Unanswered: Error to instance component grid.Panel - (2 Participants)

    hey guys, im studying extjs 5 and i have error "Cannot read property 'blockLoad' of undefined" any can help me?? my Model ...

    Started by TiagoCosta, 29 Jul 2015 1:21 PM
    loadblock, store
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  5. Unanswered: How can I make Ext JS 5 add the entity body in a DELETE request? - (1 Participant)

    In contrast to other questions where is asked to remove the entity body from a DELETE a request, I want an entity body. With this ajax request, no...

    Started by devtig, 30 Jul 2015 5:41 AM
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  6. Unanswered: ExtJs 5 toolbar event - (1 Participant)

    How to fire a 'mouseenter' and 'mouseout' event on hidden toolbar in Extjs 5??

    Started by sburde, Yesterday 8:24 AM
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  7. Unanswered: how update the video's height and width in region center with a collapsible panel in - (1 Participant)

    i got some issue with collapsible element and a video: in this panel : var Panel = Ext.create('Ext.panel.Panel', { closable:...

    Started by Yugz, 30 Jul 2015 2:34 AM
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  8. Unanswered: Hide scrollbar in grid - (1 Participant)

    Hello, I have two grids side by side and both sync when scrolling, but i need to hide one and controll both with just one scroll. Is this possible? ...

    Started by nsilva, Yesterday 6:08 AM
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  9. Unanswered: [Resolved] Tree - two way binding with selected tree item binding and a panel - (1 Participant)

    I have managed to resolve the issue by defining the "columns" config in the tree panel columns: hi I have read this heterogeneous tree thread ...

    Started by toddy_meow, 30 Jul 2015 5:20 PM
    binding, treestore
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  10. Unanswered: Error when using sencha-charts: Cannot read property 'ownerContext' of undefined - (1 Participant)

    Hi all, I would appreciate little help. I am trying to use sencha-charts library. I have a panel and in that panel I am trying to add chart. At...

    Started by dino.franic, Yesterday 1:41 AM
    sencha-charts extjs 5.1
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  11. Question Unanswered: Custom config into model field - (1 Participant)

    Hello! I want to add custom config property into field config in Model class. For example: Ext.define('CustomModel', { extend:...

    Started by bambam, 29 Jul 2015 2:29 AM
    config, field, getter, override
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  12. Unanswered: Grid combobox value not filtering properly after clear the combobox value - (1 Participant)

    Hi, In grid combobox, not able to filtering properly, after complete the clear combobox value. Please help me on this Extjs version - Ext JS...

    Started by Ganesh020981, 29 Jul 2015 7:22 AM
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  13. Answered: RowExpander plugin to right side of grid. - (1 Participant)

    Hi ! How can I put row expander plugin to right side of the grid. By default it positioned at left side. Thank you for your reply

    Started by wwwjsx, 28 Jul 2015 9:26 PM
    row expander right
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  14. Unanswered: Data binding with model validation problem - (4 Participants)

    I have a grid and binded form with model validation. When i delete a form field value with presence validation, grid column value not change. Am I...

    Started by volkans80, 16 Dec 2014 1:36 AM
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    binding, model validation
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  15. Unanswered: DataView drag and drop strange behavior

    I'm currently implementing drag and drop functionality for a DataView, but I'm seeing some strange behavior. I can't drag an item above its initial...

    Started by Andrew Wagner, Yesterday 6:39 AM
    data, dataview, drag, drop, view
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  16. Unanswered: Extjs 5 grid-panel shrink issue in Mozilla Firefox

    Hi, We have a GWT based GUI and we have integrated Extjs code in one of the tabs. This Extjs tab shows statistical information based on the json...

    Started by SubratPattnaik, Yesterday 6:09 AM
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  17. Answered: loading FORM data through memory in App MVC - (1 Participant)

    hi, i am looking for someone to give me a simple example on how to load data from memory into a form using Application MVC. lets say I have a...

    Started by johnzen, 29 Jul 2015 2:51 PM
    forms, memory, store
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  18. Unanswered: ExtJS 5.1.0 Grid custom plugin for filter not supporting column locked config - (1 Participant)

    I am using ExtJS 5.1.0 version. I have extended a GRID panel and using custom plugin for filter purpose with Ext editable plugin. Everything working...

    Started by cg., 29 Jul 2015 11:16 PM
    5.1.0, column locked, extjs, grid
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  19. Unanswered: href onclick inside extjs class - (1 Participant)

    Hi Team, This is my first post in the forum so please excuse me for my mistakes. I am not able to invoke javascript method from the href onclick...

    Started by sunil.tandon, 30 Jul 2015 12:59 PM
    class, extjs class, href
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  20. Unanswered: How to get the class or id of last clicked element on panel body scroll - (1 Participant)

    Hi, Can you please tell me, how to get the class or id of last clicked or handled element on that panel body scroll or click. Please help me on...

    Started by Ganesh020981, 28 Jul 2015 12:56 AM
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