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  1. mw-flow
    Perl is for sure not the server-side language used by large numbers of Sencha developers. Thus, I think it is even more important to maintain a group that brings us Perl users together to share our knowledge. I've just sent out a few invitations to those of you I've seen posting thing about Perl on the forum, e.g. here. I'd be happy if we could keep up Perl discussions here. Please feel free to post links to other Perl-related threads here, so we can invite the people to this group. Thanks a lot in advance!
    Best regards
  2. notjoshing
    I'm curious about how you guys work with Perl and ExtJS/Sencha. For me, it's mostly through CGI::Application feeding templates that, in turn, feed ExtJS 4.* and Sencha. How about you?

  3. mw-flow
    Hi Josh,

    nice to get a conversation going in here, thanks for starting!

    Up to now, we're basically using a mod_perl-enabled backend to spit out JSON. It's mostly hand-coded. There's a script that dispatches and routes the requests to the appropriate PM, which in turn does its processing and then returns objects back up again to the response handler which converts it to JSON and spits that at the client.

    However a colleague now gradually introduces Catalyst as this seems a viable, flexible solution for us.

    Best regards
  4. JBraun
    Hello Group,

    here is another Perl programmer in the need of a nice UI, seldom enough ;-)

    I am using Catalyst for an inhouse App. With Javascript - especially Sencha - I am just at the beginning. At the moment I have to say that Perl is much easier to understand. Well, most times :-)

  5. mw-flow
    Hi Jrg,

    some general questions that interest me: what business use case(s) will you be trying to cover with your user interface that you'd like to implement? What were you reasons to choose ExtJS?

    Best regards
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