Could not alter the existing code sample of Desktop.

  1. anmol
    Hi Guys,
    I am completely new to Ext Js.
    I want to use 'Ext Js Desktop' control for one of my projects.
    So i downloaded the sample code of 'Ext Js Desktop Control' from Sencha website.
    What i actually trying to do is - to change the name of the 'Start' button to something else.
    I found that 'TaskBar.Js' is the file which is responsible to generate the 'Start' button of the Desktop control.
    So even i change anything in the 'TaskBar.Js' it's not reflecting the change .
    So can you please tell me how to alter that example.
    Any changes in the javascript files are not reflecting in the UI, dont kno why
    Please help me to solve the issue ..........
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