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  1. jojojose
    Hi all,

    I am Jojo Jose from Kerala.

    Started using Sencha recently. It's awesome
  2. aSpark
    Hi everyone,

    We are a startup with our focus on mobile app development and emerging technologies. Please take a look at our website to see who we are, where we come from and what our story is. If any of you are interested in the exciting work we are doing and in joining us, please contact me at

  3. duraisingh.d
    Hi Friends,

    This is Duraisingh, I am in Mobile Web App Development using Sencha Touch. I am trying in the Native App Development side also.
  4. Raavi
    I'm Ravi from Ahmedabad, Gujrat.. newbie for sencha... now learning sencha
  5. santuy2k
    Hi to all.....
    well this is santhosh.S from Hyderabad....
    i am new to Sencha(just last year Dec 2011 i started wrking on Sencha) it is nice for web based application and look of the application is so nice. now i am getting some idea about Sencha... can any one suggest some fast learning tips..pls
  6. kantha.exe
    i am shrikantha from Banglore(INDIA)
    we are using Extjs4 and sencha

  7. Nares

    I'm Naresh, new to Sencha Touch 2, looking for a help on building an APK file for a Sencha Touch 2 project.
    Currently I'm at Mumbai. Please contact : or 902-984-624.
    I tried my level best to generate a APK file, but no luck so far. Been on this issue for a while.
    Will appreciate ealy reply as I'm flying back to US by 1st week of Sept.
  8. loosediamondindia
    Dear All,

    My name is guru Singh, i am using Extjs 4.2

  9. Jeegnesh
    HI all, This is Jeegnesh prajapati from the Ahmedabad,GUJARAT.
    I am also new in sencha product. i am using EXtjs for less server trip and unbelievable UI. really...
  10. abhi.srinu
    I'm Srinivas Abhishek from hyderabad.
    Working for a product based startup.
    Used extjs for some time with architect.
    Working mainly on aspx/.net/mssql

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