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    I'm looking forward to the Eclipse plugin as well. I sincerely hope it fares better and has more longevity than your previous attempt.Any word on what versions / flavors will be supported? I'm sure...
  2. Could you please elaborate on whether this marks a policy shift where Sencha no longer supports the GPL in any form across all its products? Specifically, will there ever be another GPL version of...
  4. I uninstalled the EA version I had in WebStorm. I tried to search repositories to find the new one, but it was still 0.3.323.Now, in the support portal you can download it and this version reports...
  5. Good to hear - thanks for the info.
  6. And don't forget the original showcase: API docs!
  7. Just curious how the plugin will be distributed once the beta is over and it is GA? I'm not talking about who is licensed to use it - I understand that. I want to know how it will get to those...
  8. Very nice! Great to finally have a built-in solution - well done.
  9. I did use the "Report to Sencha" button the first time I saw the error. I saw the error on a newer/faster machine - a newer Alienware M18x with pretty much everything maxed out.

    I've seen other...
  10. I think I got it working now. I believe the problem was an old version of Sencha Cmd. I had upgraded Sencha Cmd since installing the plugin for the first time. The dialog box to create an app had...
  11. I had upgraded to the most recent version of the plugin on a Windows 8 machine earlier without problem. I tried to upgrade on a Windows 7 machine today and am consistently getting the below error...
  12. The start of the book indicates to register the book on to get a bonus chapter. Has anyone gotten this yet? I've tried to register but still haven't received anything.
  13. Doh! I got mine from Amazon last week for full price. Oh well - still worth it.
  14. Looks interesting. Is it only available in print or is there an e-book as well?
  15. +1 I very much wish this would happen.

    Unfortunately, based on Sencha's history it seems very unlikely. As far as I know, the source for other discontinued products was never released. This...
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    Looks like there will be a new Eclipse plugin. It's a little frustrating that the old one...
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    When you start a new Ext JS App, is there any way to set the sdk that will be used? Version 4.x as opposed to 5.x etc. Is there any way to point the command at an existing sdk on my files system? ...
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    What the heck? They already had a great Eclipse plugin that they never updated. Wonder if they're starting from scratch on this one. Really hoping for a consistent release schedule on these new...
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    Is development on the Eclipse plugin still active? If so, can you provide any information? In what time frame could we expect an update?
  20. Sad if that's the case. Architect is not only a very useful tool but also a great showcase for Ext's abilities. I hope it's still alive, but I just got a horrible feeling about it after Aaron left...
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    I care less about the exact period of time between releases - weekly, monthly, quarterly, whatever - and more about the predictability. Right now releases from Sencha seem to happen at totally...
  22. Kendo has charts, too:

    If you had already decided on angular + kendo, it would make sense to use these.
  23. So is the big announcement the pivot grid?

    I've got to admit, I was expecting something bigger, more along the lines of someone buying Sencha or...
  24. Angels and ministers of grace defend us!
  25. I think he meant the one that was removed from the main forum selection page to make room for the Sencha is hiring add. I don't care if it's there or not, just pointing out it was removed from this...
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