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  1. I have been hunting all over the place but cannot seem to find an answer.

    I have a Sencha Touch, Cordova iOS app that needs to be built with a specific version of Cordova. There are plans to...
  2. This is still an issue in touch 2.4.2
  3. Thanks Mitch!
  4. I've got a situation where I'd like to extend the Toast class with some custom settings to use alongside the default Toast.


    Ext.toast('Standard Toast Message', 2000);

  5. I am working on a ST app that primarily runs in Cordova on iOS.

    I will be adding the mobile web ST app to the server too.

    I'm hoping I could get some opinions on where to let things live and...
  6. Hey guys! I was hoping I could get some feed back on the structure of my code below.

    I wanted to know from a structure standpoint what is good and bad. Should move some things around or is it...
  7. Unless I misread your post, this should solve your issue.

    I found using rgba( R , G , B , A ) and lowing the Alpha is easiest.

    axes: [{
    type: 'numeric',
  8. You can try

    series: [{
    //series stuff
    style: {
    scalingX: 1.015,
    minGapWidth: 0
  9. Thanks for responding!!

    The form is broken up into many sections. Each section is sort of independent in that you might not need to fill them out or you might need to leave and comeback later but...
  10. The Short Version:

    User has multiple customers, the customers have multiple cases, and the cases have multiple forms.

    The User can save at any point along the way when filling out customer case...
  11. I would recommend installing Sencha CMD. You could then use `sencha app refresh` to fix any weird issues. Then `sencha app watch` Where is this data folder and where is the app referencing it? Or if...
  12. Ok so there's multiple ways you can add css to your app.

    Like you have in your app.json. You should be able to see if the file was loaded in the Network tab and you can filter down to 'Style'...
  13. FYI I am unsure about this part to target the element..'.kjm-loginwindow .x-translatable')
  14. Try this instead.'.kjm-loginwindow .x-translatable').setStyle('top: 0px !important; left: 0px !important;');
  15. Oh so you want an icon in your label area?
  16. Are you using hbox on any of the form fields? I ran into a similar issue where not giving a child field of a flex container was causing overflow issues. I was able to work around this with giving...
  17. I made an example you can see how to here...

    Basically you want to target the font used for the Placeholder text with CSS/SCSS/SASS

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    Don't know if the above worked out for you, but here's the way I've been doing it and seems to work without much of an issue for me. There's some similarities to the above....
  19. Ok Cool! Thanks for all the help clarifying this! :D
  20. I would recommend updating sencha cmd. Hmm..

    The last one I don't think I've seen before. but the rest of your logs look typical.

    Have you tried running the console plugin? It will display...
  21. Very good to know! would you organize that in a different directory structure?




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    Oh right! I had a similar question in the forum a while back ago for another reason that was answered pretty well.
  23. Thanks for the feedback! I'm not super familiar with the MVVM approach. From what I understand (could be completely wrong) you go MVVM or MVC? Thinking back on my post it does seem to be more of a...
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    Take a look at Chrome 43 fix that Mitchell posted. I'm almost 100% sure that's your issue

    You might also need to run sencha app refresh...
  25. I haven't tried 2.3.1 with iOS 8, but have you tried taking a look at the app in Safari from the device or simulator? If you aren't familiar with it you open Safari

    Setup in Safari
    Open Safari...
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