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  1. I have the very same issue as you. This is a strange problem though since my application used to work, and one day, it started duplicating fields in the list using the pull to refresh plugin.
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    The thread is a bit old but as I have the same issue today and found the solution here...

    To have 'this' defined as the controller rather than the store in the beforeTweetStoreLoad callback, it...
  3. Ext version tested:

    ST v2.2.1
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome Version 27.0.1453.110

    In the NavigationView example shipped with Sencha Touch 2.2.1, when you enter...
  4. You are right, thank you.
    I tried several ways to access the setter before posting but with no luck.

    Here is the working init function with (I hope!) proper call to the controller and setter:...
  5. Hi there,

    I am playing a bit with Sencha Architect which is definitely a very nice app. I currently have a problem trying to add a custom property in a controller. Refs and control are working ok...
  6. After the trial, you keep the code of your application which is a valid ST2 application you can still edit using your favorite text editor.
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    Glad you like it :)

    The "two lines" items are achieved to a template for the list item along with a bit of CSS configuration. Use itemTpl to specify such template. The one we use is as follow:

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    Our first try with Sencha Touch has just been released:

    This is the application for a music festival (all screens are in french). We were amazed how we could quickly...
  9. Create a store / proxy to fetch your JSON data and you will be able to access each record in it.

    A good reading on how to do this:...
  10. I once in a while get this issue as well.
    Clearing the cache of the browser fixes the issue for me (iPad 2 / iOS5).
  11. Code:

    Sencha Touch version tested:


    only default ext-all.css
    Platform tested against:
  12. I also had the same questions recently and have setup a small web page that will summarize the events that are fired when constructing / activating / deactivating a panel:...
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    I could display a dashboard thanks to your code however, I am a bit confused about how to handle user actions.

    I assume that clicking on one of the icon of your dashboard will trigger the display...
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