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  1. I have a button that I move from one Panel to another when I switch orientation. After I make this move the button no longer responds to touches. Here is some code:

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    I had the same issue and added the following to the end of my cache manifest, which fixed the issue.

  3. This worked! Thank you so much dmassiani!
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    Thanks for the reply!

    I think I can avoid the cross domain issue by just having the login link forward to the login page at the https address. Since this won't be an ajax request it should be...
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    Hey guys,

    I need some advice on how to implement the use of https for certain pages. I know I can make the whole site use https, but it is a mobile app and that slows things down.

    Here is what...
  6. Has anyone found a workaround for this bug? I tried setting focus to another field and bluring the field before a messagebox is opened but neither seem to work.
  7. Sencha Touch version tested:

    1.0 rev 1

    only default sencha-touch-debug.css

    Platform tested against:

    iOS 4.1.2
  8. This is kind of hard to repro, but sometimes when I am sending an ajax request using Ext.Ajax.request and my connection is bad or goes bad, I get the following error:

    I can sometimes make it...
  9. As a temporary fix I extended the Ext.MessageBox so the onClick method calls this.hide(false).

    Coupoz.Msg = Ext.extend(Ext.MessageBox,{

    onClick:function(button) {
    if (button) {
  10. A workaround I found is to call Ext.Msg.hide(false); first thing in the callback function, which stops the exit animation from firing. Is there a property on the Ext.Msg object that will turn off all...
  11. Sencha Touch version tested:

    1.0 rev 1


    Platform tested against:
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