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  1. Hello everybody.. Im trying to do something like the image1jpg (I did it with ExtJS3.0) now Im using ExtJS4.0.2 but when I try I get some js errors(image2.jpg)

    This is my code:

  2. Thanks for your answer, Im interesting in the first solution. Can you explain to me how implement it? By the way, when I try to implement the combocolumn solution it showme an error:
  3. Hi
    I have a EditorGridPanel which shows the certain information with ComboBox. I have filled ComboBox list with the items and the id of that items. I have also used a toolbar to add new records...
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    Hi to everyone, Im using ExtJS 3.0 and i am trying to do a Tab Panel with different height according to each tab, the autoHeight property should solve this problem but i don't know why it couldnt or...
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    Hi Animal,

    There is a way to add buttons with right aligment, independent of the aligment of the tabs. I mean, all the tabs would be with left aligment and the new tab buttons with right aligment??
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    Hi everybody..
    I am using ExtJS 3.0 and I am trying to show data in a grid. I need to show 3 grids, but only the first one show fine and with the column expanded, the others show like compact but...
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    I want to use method POST and it sopouse to be the default method in the stores but I am getting method GET.. How can I change it.!!

    Here is my code, the first store- "storeAdicionalesEmpleados"...
  8. @dsuzette

    I am not understand a lot about "extends", could you help me? where i should put your codo in order to make it work?!

    Thnaks in advance
  9. @dbassett74

    Thanks for your advise.. After use JSLint and fix some inconsistence like use('') and not ("") or define first all functions before use it the problem was solved.!

  10. I am getting the following errors when I try to open my project using IE 8.. I am attaching my js file where i am using ExtJS 3.0

    Web page's error details:

    User agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible;...
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    Thanks for your answare, my first problem about not persisting selected item if i just jump between the pages using the text box in the paging bar was a cache problem.. after i clean it...
  12. @sharkyu
    Im having the same problem in IE7/8 using a grid might could you help me.. did you fix your issue??

    I read about the possible Ext 3.0.0 fix, but im new with ExtJS so could you...
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    Excellent plugin.!! may could you help me.. I am using your plugin but when somebody put directly in the paging bar the number of the page they want and come bact to some page where the had...
  14. thanks "CONDOR" for your last answer, it help me a lot..
  15. Hi everybody:

    Condor, Mike Robinson thanks for your answare. There are very useful but might you could help me with the exactly event where I should put my code, really I new using EXTJS.
  16. Hi everybody,

    i am currently encountering this problem:

    I have a paged grid with 5 pages. The user needs to select certain rows within that grid, while navigating through all of the 5 pages...
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