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  1. Thanks! with the hint you gave me I found this link indicating how to hide the SystemTray and, while not ideal, at least the app works properly.
  2. If you are developing for Windows Phone 8, the correct Cordova issue is this one (don't know why there's a bug open for each version)

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    Thanks for sharing your plugin. I've just started to play with it, and it seems to mostly work, but I've found two details that I thought I should mention.

    1. In the updateRecord...
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    Mmm.. if the store is correctly configured (with autoload: true), when Sencha renders the view it should automatically request the /home/index url and load/render the data.

    If it doesn't, check in...
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    Sencha.css only embeds a few of the icons. You can either regenerate the css to embed all the icons you are going to use (see an introduction to SASS here:...
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    By default, Sencha expects the array of data to be inside a "data" property in the returned Json. If you look at the last line of your code and compare it with mine, you'll see that I'm creating an...
  7. Are you sure they don't work? We've got an app that is in production (being used on Android) and we have an Ext.form.Select that works perfectly (we have tested with 2.1 & 2.2 on a Samsung Galaxy S)....
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    At the end of your action return a Json using anonymous objects. Ex:

    public ActionResult myAction(String id) {
    var list = whateverLinqQuery.ToList();
  9. Thanks for your answers extmullany. Just out of curiosity, do you mark solved bugs (for the next release) as solved in the Bug forum? My main concern came from the fact the I' started going back in...
  10. I'll add that I'm also quite worried about the future of Sencha Touch. I have just developed an iPhone/Android app for a customer, and I was going to try to convince my boss to pay for Support (among...
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    This has happened to me, precisely doing what you are trying to do. The problem is that when you insert data into the store (even if it's a single json with many records) the store throws events on...
  12. If you try to move a FormPanel, and do it by placing your finger on a field, you drag the screen instead of the panel. This can be quite confusing for users, as the address bar can be shown, and...
  13. If you want to make it shorter,

    var MB = Ext.MessageBox;
    Ext.apply(MB, {
    YES: { text: 'Oui', itemId: 'yes', ui: 'action' },
    NO: { text: 'Non', itemId: 'no' }
    Ext.apply(MB, {...
  14. Hi dmassiani,

    I don't know if it's the proper way, but this is how I've finally done it:

    if(Ext.MessageBox) {
    var MB = Ext.MessageBox;
    Ext.apply(MB, {
  15. Let's say I have a simple hasMany relation such as the one in the docs (using localstorage):

    Ext.regModel('Product', {
    fields: [
    {name: 'id', type: 'int'},
  16. Hi Konki,

    I decided to compare your code with mine, and I noticed I had left 'sortable: true', but I didn't really need it (things that happen when you copy paste from the examples ^^). Removing...
  17. Have you managed to solve it? I'm getting exactly the same error (using sencha-1.0.1), I have a tabpanel which throws an error just the first time that an option is selected (from the second...
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