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  1. Hello,

    I've searched some hours, but did not find any solution for my question. Using ExtJS, I have a, for which I require to add buttons to some tabs with extra...
  2. I just tried to create a reproduction path: SA3.1 automatically offered an update to This release seems to fix this issue.
    (If not, I'll repost here how to reproduce.)
  3. Hello,

    after having migrated one of my projects from SA3.0 to 3.1, I'm hazzling with the integrated JS editor. In the past (with 3.0), when editing a basic event source code, all parameters of the...
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    I'd like to know if anybody is interested in a Sencha ExtJS meeting near Stuttgart? Or does a meeting event already exists?

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    we also thought a "+" and "minus" button to accomplish this task, but actually no-one uses the buttons if he can zoom page-independantly with the browser's zoom capability. Using the...
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    I have some trouble with an ExtJS4.2.x application if the user zooms the webbrowser (i.e. to 120% or even more). Some customers don't seem to be able to read all content of the grids, so...
  7. Works for me, too. What a relief...
  8. In addition, if any of your components has a "plugins" attribute manually added (for adding more functionality, which is a recommended action to do it this way) the Design view of the component...
  9. I'm facing the same situation, I've opened a support ticket.
    Very nasty, since today I wanted to finish my work. Going back to 2.2.2 only works by deleting $HOME/Library/Application...
  10. Thanks for pointing to the Tide SDK, it seems it has more functionality than SDP. (In addition: the online documentation is in the same format, which leads me to the assumption that SDP is a spin-off...
  11. (In addition: a little bit more information flow would have been great. In this case, we're just... lost).
  12. Very sad to read that, and ever worse since I opened two twickets last week where they proposed to solve situations "in a future version". It sounds like the supported doesn't have any information...
  13. Hi,

    is there a release change ongoing? Since two days, the Sencha Desktop Packager is not mentioned in the product list site any more. Or is the product cancelled without any information to...
  14. +1
    Also interesting in order to overcome some limitations which Ion has.
  15. Hi, I'm facing a performance bottleneck when converting downloaded binary content to a number array just for saving, it took about 40sec to download and save a 100MB file (where the converting part...
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    it seems to be fixed for small files, but when downloading big files (say: 100MB and more) the application simply hangs. Is there a size limit?
  17. Hi!

    Interesting method. Do you have any solution for large file downloads? I've to download tons of GB of files. All tries lead to an error, the remote debug port such detaches.

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    @vot: just use any textfield, and manually mark it as invalid with the following code:

    Ext.getCmp('whatEverComponent').markInvalid('File doesn\'t exist or isn\'t executable');
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    Seems the tooltip issue is still not fixed in ExtJS 4.2.1-883 (commercial) in Firefox 21.0 on MacOS X. I've got cut-offs here. (But working perfectly in Chrome). The "invalid" text should be "File...
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    I had a similar situation (with fix JSON data). I had to define the data in the store itself, and not relying on its online ressource. Example:

  21. Fixed in ext-
  22. Defining the class "baseCls" of the form to "x-panel x-component" makes the thing work. Did the CSS class system change in ExtJS4.2.0?
  23. Interesting information: removing the class "x-component" of the form makes the whole thing work. In ExtJS, the behaviour was OK, in ExtJS4.2.0 it changed.
  24. REQUIRED INFORMATION Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.0

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 26.0

  25. I've got the tooltips working, but they were wrong. According to another thread, the following code fixes it:

    Ext.tip.Tip.prototype.minWidth = 'auto';

    A fix for ExtJS 4.2 will hopefully be...
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