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    Thanks! This worked perfectly to solve my problem: my grids rendered to a normal div in markup were fine in FF and IE7, but in IE6 exhibited the above problem. This even works great when resizing...
  2. Thanks very much for the fix, Condor!

    For the record, this bug seems to still be present in v2.0.2.
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    Brilliant, Condor! Thanks for clearing that up... I had lazily resorted to the following kludge to loop through and convert values in an object just before applying the template (since I want to...
  4. This one drove me nuts - possible fix here.
  5. See here.
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    This fix seems to work for me:

    1. First off, find the definition of the ColumnLayout which you are using - for me, this was in my extjs-2.0/ext-all-debug.js file.

    2. Search this file for the...
  7. Scott Walter's very helpful and thorough screencast at:

    appears to be borked: it cuts off about 2/3 of the way through (confirmed in FF and IE)....
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