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  1. Perfect, thanks!

    Here's a snippet free for anyone to use

    * Toggle check boxes on a tree
    * @param TreePanel o_tree
    * @param bool b_checkState true to check all, false to uncheck all
  2. Hi-

    Ext 1.1.1

    I've pored through the documentation and searched the forums with no luck. I'm trying to loop through all of the checked nodes in my tree and uncheck them, but I...
  3. bump
  4. Fair enough. I was hoping that the title was explanatory enough and someone might have a simple solution to this problem.

    I have a standard HTML form created dynamically via PHP. The form is...
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    bump, anyone?
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    yeah, a good suggestion :) but I tried that already :(

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    A picture is worth a thousand words... Ext 1.1 custom built. Can't figure out why the links in my menu are showing up underlined.

  8. Thanks again for your reply. I found it this time. I've been using a custom built Ext for so long now that I often forget I have all of the source to everything else around.

    For those of you...
  9. Yeah this isn't specifically a tooltip im talking about. The MessageBox dialogs example also uses this. Its the little thingy which displays and says

    "You clicked the XXX button".

    I have...
  10. Hi-

    I'm pretty experienced with ext at this point, I've been using it a couple months.

    I'm trying to figure out how to implement something like the quicktip which appears when any of the...
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    I set hlDrop: false on my tree and it doesn't seem to be not highlighting on drop.

    I searched the forums but really didn't find *any* other info on this option.

    Didn't want to post in...
  12. thanks again. Issue resolved.
  13. Yes good point sorry, I meant yui-ext, we've been messing with it since 0.33.0.

    I'll look into that event thanks.

    Can't ignore JS errors if Firefox and Firebug (which I am using) weren't...
  14. relatively new to YUI but have read lots of the documentation, beginner tutorial, all of the Layout Tutorials and examples.

    I can't for the life of me get regionexpanded to fire.

    I take the...
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