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    We are having the same conflict and would like some help combining ExtJS and ASP.NET AJAX to make them work nicely together. We do need the ScriptManager in our project, so just removing that won't...
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    (Edit: I am working with 2.0 grids and noticed this is in 1.0. I will promote this elsewhere.)

    Along these lines... has anyone written an adapter to load a grid from html in the page? What...
  4. We're looking to implement a custom scrollbar within a panel. The fleXcroll seems to be the best solution. I will let you know how the implementation and attempt at inserting that into the...
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    Expanding on another doc bug note in this thread...

    In the addListener examples under Element there are a bunch of commas missing after the fn declares. (this.onClick, this.onMouseOver,...
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    I was needing the resizing functionality of Ext.form.TextArea, but with a few tweaks. Here is what I have created so far.

    Constructive criticism and questions are appreciated.

  7. Thanks for the update. I found the above mentioned thread, but other than that I didn't see any solutions given. I'll try to search more next time. :)

    This seems to be the same issue. Perhaps it's caused by something the TriggerField is doing?
  9. Ext 2.0b / FF

    I seem to be running into an exception that displays in Firebug as I was developing our site. A rough test case is outlined below:

    run script:

    for(var i = 0; i < 10;...
  10. I'll update the bug above in a bit, however it seems in IE7 i actually needed to assign the position style attribute equal to 'relative' for the 'Page' panel.
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    requestMethod should be documented in the config section of the Ext.tree.TreeLoader class.

    Values include 'POST' or 'GET'
    Form submission method to be passed to the Ajax constructor.

  12. Windows Vista Home Ultimate RTM
    IE 7
    Ext2.0 a1
    bundled yui utilities & adapter

    Creating a container as follows doesn't give me scrollbars when content overflows the containing div:

    #line 15...
  13. we're building up a fairly nice app in Ext 2.0 w/ 2.0 on vs2005. modified columntrees, grids, layouts, i'll post more as we progress.
  14. so is this render function just delaying the script load until after the dom replacement has occurred? it seemed to have that effect (which i was going for). thanks for this example.
  15. I am referring to line 1574 in ext-core-debug.js
  16. Is there a reason the event constructor isn't setting the name property that is being passed in?

    proposed fix:

    1573 Ext.util.Event = function(obj, name){
    1574 -;
    1574 + ...
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    This is a big milestone and the happy continuation of a great project. Thanks for all of your hard work Jack! Your coding is top-notch.

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