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  1. Thanks I'll definitely try it.......
  2. Hi

    I'm new to Extjs. I'm developped a grid which contains columns Notification name, EmailContent, Header, Logo. Now i want to put upload buttons in EmailContent, Header, and Logo columns

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    I'm new to Extjs

    i want to get form panel data. I have a form panel and in that a data view is present. I'm trying to get that view data.

    Here is My view
  4. Thanks sir....

    Thank you very much for your replay

    I definitely try it...
  5. Hi.....

    I'm New to Extjs i want to create a tree panel with dynamic nodes and and dynamic children's.
    I tried a lot but i'm not succeeded. Any one please help me. I got it statically.(:|

  6. Thanks vietits its working for me also.

    But when i include it in my project it is not working i think i made a mistake in my java services. Thanks once again for you replay:)
  7. Thanks vietits and PavlaQ for your response

    I tried vietits but i got the same result

    Ext.state.Manager.get('categories') -> return category store object

    Here is my result

  8. Hi i'm New to Extjs

    My requirement is to display categories(node) in a tree panel using Tree store

    Here is my Json object

  9. Its working :)
  10. Hi friends,

    here is my working code for hide borders in a layout type table

    { xtype: 'fieldset',
    height: 200,
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    Thanks skirtle definitely i will try it :)
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    I'm new to Extjs. I'm trying to export a grid store in extjs 4.1
    but i got the error Uncaught ReferenceError: swfobject is not defined

    here is my html code

  13. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'autoCreated' of null


    I'm new to Extjs. Up on developing Multi select combo box in a panel i also got the same error.
    I go threw the above links...
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