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  1. Hi
    I am building a chart dynamicly that I am adding to a container. I am developing this in Architect. Everyting runs fine in the uncompiled version but after I build the project I get this error...
  2. This is a problem that comes only when I use version ext- but not when I use older versions.
  3. This is strange! It works in the code edotor but not in my browser. This is the whole code from my browser and it does not format the negative number but it formats the positive one:

  4. Hi

    I have a problem where I get the right format inside a grid when the numbers are positive but not when they are negative. Does anyone have any suggestions of what might be Grong with my code? ...
  5. No not realy. I am thankfull for the tips about the network tab in the development tools I found futures of Firebug that I was not awere of. I have tryed to change the web method from GET to POST in...
  6. I get "HTTP/1.1 405 Method Not Allowed". Does that tell you something?
  7. I have a simple gridpanel that is populated with data that comes from a WCF web service. The gridpanel looks fine in IE but it does not have data in Firefox and Chrome. If I use a text file with the...
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    Does anybody know of a good example that shows how to build Ext js applications with CRUD where is the backend?
  9. Thank you friend for your response but I have found the answer to this (I have been looking at this on and off for days and one hour after I post this question the answer comes to me through...
  10. I have a simple application which has five tabs. On three of these tabs everything looks right in both IE and other browsers. In two of the tabs where there are supposed to appear graphs and other...
  11. I have tried the 4.1.0 b2 and I have the same problem there. It seam as if the filterby() does not work in IE in my case. Is there any other way to do this filtering? It is a shame because I am doing...
  12. Yes I have tried it but I got a totally blank page for the graph when I did so I did not go further with that. Would you recommend that I try 4.1?
  13. Hi I am having a problem with a graph. I have a json file behind it and I have two data series in the file and I am trying to toggle between the series with the radio buttons. When I first render the...
  14. Than you for your help Jay. You are absolutely right this last version runs alright the problem now seams to be in the viewport. I am relatively new to Ext js and I am waiting for the Ext js 4 in...
  15. Hi Jay thanks for your answer.

    Here is a version of the code without over nesting. The IE browser crashes without any warning it just goes down. It is hard to tell if the online example does work...
  16. Does anybody know why IE 6 and 7 (maybe other versions also) crashes (it works fine in Firefox and Chrome) when I use this code:

  17. Yes but now I have only one scale for all the indicators and I want to have a different scale for each indicator so that every axis has its own scale.

  18. I have a radial graph with some indicators and two series and I am trying to compare the indicator in these two series. The problem that I am dealing with is that the indicators have very different...
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    Thank you skirtle I appreciate your help :D
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    Thank you skirtle.

    Can you give me an example of a shorthand way to use array as a condition in a filter? Like for example in this case:

    gridstore.filter([{property: "dags", value: dates}]); ...
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    I have a simple filter:

    var testfilter = new Ext.util.Filter({

    property: 'dags',
    value : dates,
  22. Almost exactly like this. I made some minor changes and it works fine. Thanks a lot for your help tvanzolen :D

    checkchange: function(node, checked, options) {
  23. Checkbox cascade and bubble in treepanel.

    I am trying to get a similar function into the checkbox tree in treepanel as is in pivot tables in Microsoft Excel by adding a listener.

    1) If I check...
  24. It is almost to embarrassing to tell. The text file with the data (the json file) was not encoded in utf-8. I simply went into Notepad++ and changed the encoding of the file and it worked.
  25. I found the solution to this.
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