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  1. I just noticed that in your code after I posted. I'm glad I could help you out.
  2. Here are some code snippets for how I did it. Hopefully you'll find it helpful.

    // I had this code in the initComponent of a panel that contained my tab panel
    var tabReordererPlugin =...
  3. Sorry I should have included browser information. I have not testing Chrome, so I can't say anything about that one. In IE it looks great. In FF there still appears to be some clipping. See the...
  4. I've been using the Neptune theme which is really great btw, but I've noticed something in how the title styling is done. You can see this on the Locking Grid example in the Kitchen Sink. Certain...
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    Thanks for the quick response evant. That was my guess as well, but figured I would check.
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    I had a general question about proper use of a Tree Model. I have a tree model and a tree store and everything works fine. My application also shows the data in a non-tree format, so I have a...
  7. I was not aware of the relayEvents method. That solved my problem. Thank you slemmon!
  8. Is there anyway to listen for TabReorderer events (Drop, Drag, etc.) inside a controller? If so what would be the syntax for that. I know some plugins add events to the components that they are...
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