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  1. You can apply the change globally with this:

    Ext.override(Ext.grid.View, { enableTextSelection: true });
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    Flex is used as a property in hbox and vbox layouts, and indicates the amount of space this component will take up in its parent container.

    You can use any number greater than zero as a flex...
    title: 'my title',
    icon: Ext.Msg.QUESTION,
    msg: 'text here</br> other text in new line?',
    buttonText: { yes: "Yes", no: "No" },
  4. My company TechProceed is moving from a Java based client to an ExtJS web and mobile application. We use QTP/UFT for Java automation which is slow, buggy, expensive, and cannot get passed the DOM...
  5. Chrome does not support localhost for CORS requests.To get around this you can start chrome with the `--disable-web-security` flag (assuming you're just testing).
  6. It can be found here:
  7. No Gary, actually that's the issue.

    I get 404 with description as 'The requested resource is not available.' when hitting seperately from browser.

    Firstly I thought its about wrong mapping,...
  8. I am working on ExtJS and need to access the REST services. I tried doing that with Spring's MVC REST supporting functionality and it worked well.

    Now its kind of mandatory that I have to go...
  9. Just remove the jsonData and type from my Ajax Request.

    Instead add
    params: {'id':record.get('id')} and on server side, you will get values with

    It works!
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    I found it in the documentation of Sencha App Architecture Part 2

    Use proxies for models:

    It is generally good practice to do this as it allows you to load and save instances of this...
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    I found this a common issue online and it's referred to the use of Ext3 instead of Ext4, the code runs without any problems if you're using the right version of Ext wich is in this case Ext4.
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