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    any updates on this? this would greatly help us with our efforts to prune the sencha lib using the jsbuilder. currently it's a laborious hunt-n-peck process.

  2. I only have the Sencha Touch license. Can i include the Ext.3.3.1 cookies.js?
  3. This was tested with the Droid X, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4.
  4. I'm using version 0.99.

    In my app, the first radio is automatically checked. When I click/tap on the label for the second radio, the first radio remains checked. I added an event handler for...
  5. I'm looking to add a native <select> like the one you have on your site. Did you use Sencha to generate it or is that custom code?



    p.s. great site by the way!
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