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  1. I do not think so.

    I will d ouble check that tomorrow morning :S

    But it's kind of weird I have the same problem with default config on IOS simulator (reset everytime I simulate)
  2. Ext.define('CarboZero.controller.TabbarController', {
    extend: '',

    config: {
    control: {
    "tabpanel": {
  3. I found the problem.

    It's not the functions that are not working. It's Sencha Architect.

    If you are to define a selectfield in it (the way it is suppose to be done). Run the app, you will see...
  4. Are you using S.Architect?

    Because if you look at my code, it's the same has yours (logic wise) and it does not give me value.

    I find it quite fast to say it's no repro. Feels like you don't...
  5. Here is the selectField.

    xtype: 'selectfield',
    flex: 1,
    itemId: 'sorter_Selector',
    maxHeight: 50,
    label: 'Sort by',
  6. Let's say we have Tabpanel #1 and #2.

    Each of these tabpanel have 3 tabs.

    When I click on Tabpanel#1's first tab, the tabbar disappear (intended) .
    Tabpanel #1's first tab is tabpanel #2.
  7. Code that updates my Project Model. FYI Store is set to auto-sync.

    onContainerUpdate: function(newData, index, eventOptions) {

    var project =...
  8. Here is my store

    extend: '',
  9. Seems like Dataview.dataview.component.item are not ''Automaticly loaded''. Had to load them in my Application Node manually.
  10. The code

    var tab = dataview.getParent();
    var EStore = Ext.getStore('elementstore');EStore.removeAll();var test = record.get('arrElement');
    //bugs here in ios ...EStore.add(test);

    For some...
  11. I solve my problem with the following :

    Element Store : destroyRemoveRecords set to False.

    I don't know why nor how it solve my problem but it did.

    CAN someone explain me how the hell...
  12. Using Sencha Touch (2.2) with Sencha Architect 2

    I have a tree structure in which I navigate.

    The nodes are Elements and elements can either be a folder or a leaf.

    To display the...
  13. I am looking at a different way of doing my application.

    Actually It's kind of static. My Projects have Categories. Each Category has Subcategories. Categories are containers and Subcategories...
  14. Someone found the problem... Local Storage just crashes the methods/function of my object with the string serialisation to JSON.
  15. Let's say we have the following structure :

    model_Projects owns an array of model_Category.
    Each model_Category owns an array of model_SubCategory.

    I actually have a store of...
  16. within sencha architect, the title field is deeper for some kind of reason, i found a way to access it but I need to reach my .tabBar to do so which is not recommended from what I read.
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    nevermind, found it myself.
  18. Let's say we have the following structure :

    model_Projects owns an array of model_Category.
    Each model_Category owns an array of model_SubCategory.

    I actually have a store of model_Projects...
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    I want to do something similar to that but something is bugging me..

    How do I add configs... in sencha...
  20. I have a tabpanel which contains it's tabbar.

    I need to change the titles of those tabs, but reading the documentation... we ain't supposed to acces the tabbar component.... how am I suppose to...
  21. When I'm trying to call it, I am in the scope of a view.

    I can't write This.getName().

    So I wrote has the function is static
    and it does not return me my...
  22.!/api/ is supposed to return the app's name.

    It actually returns has a...
  23. Got my answer in Architect Subforum
  24. Worked like a charm,

    Thank you very much!!

    Is there a good reason for Architect not to do it by himself?
  25. I have put the following code in my app.json

    "js": [ {
    "path": "touch/sencha-touch.js", "x-bootstrap": true },
    { "path": "app.js", "bundle":...
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