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  1. Any help please.. I am struggling to get it through......
  2. Sven, Micgala,
    Any help please.. I need this help as need to test my application in Chrome11.
  3. Thanks 'micgala', 'sven'.
    I cleared the History, Cookies etc but still getting error.

    Getting the Prompt as:
    The page at localhost:8080 says:
    Plugin failed to connect to Developement Mode...
  4. Hi,
    Not very much sure that if I get help here as it seems it GWT related but GXT is built on GWT hence expecting a response from GXT team or any helping hand most welcome.

    When I was running my...
  5. Hi,
    I have read about the EXT-JS HttpProvider.js capabilities. My current requirement is to store the current state of the Screen where User is so that in case User logs out and logs in again he...
  6. Hi,
    I have a requirement where User will be performing activity and on success/failure of the activity I needed to show the fadOut(toaster) message notifying user.
    I wanted to add a component to...
  7. Sven.. anyone.. any help on this please...
  8. Hi,
    I was going through the Buffered Grid example(
    Want to know that while adding listener to the Grid why we need GridEvent<Post>, cant we add...
  9. Thanks Michel, Blay.

    Need suggestion for the following scenario:
    Suppose I want to show My Grid Column Head as 'Faont-family: Verdana, Font-size:11px and Bold' and also I want to avoid adding...
  10. Thanks,
    Actually want to avoid editing gxt-all.css. Please suggest if that is doable or need to edit the gxt-all.css.
    I agree that if I edit gxt-all.css then no need to set/add style name to any...
  11. 25138

    Attached the requirement. Need your helpful suggestion.
  12. Hi,
    My requirement is to show Toolbutton at the rightmost of a tabpanel which holds multiple tabitem. The issue is I dont know how to get hold of the tab-strip so that I can add the required button...
  13. Any Help, Sven?
  14. Hi,
    Need your valuable suggestion on following:
    I have requirement to Show Faont-family: Verdana, Font-size:11px and
    1. For Grid Column Head - Font is bold,
    2. For Buttons - Font is bold,
    3. For...
  15. Hi,
    I have a requirement to change the Grid text styling(both header(verdana, 11px, Bold) and Cell(verdana, 11px) ).
    Could you please suggest how to do the change without changing the gxt-all.css.
  16. Hi,
    I have requirement to fire some event 'on Close' of the TabItem, if the TabItem is focused.
    In case if there are multiple TabItems opened in TabPanel then how to identify that the TabItem which...
  17. Sven,
    Trying to implement the approach we have with our normal content panels which show Grid and ListView and through ToggleButton we switch in between these 2 views.
    I was surfing the probability...
  18. Got it.
    Thanks Sven !!!
  19. Sven,
    Thanks for your help. But, still I need some more help.
    In Listview mode the Store items are not shown in order as they are in TreeGridview, also, can we show the same indent of Items as they...
  20. Sven,
    Need your help..
  21. Hereby posting the code, all the other dependent classes(Like,, etc) are used as used in example@ :

  22. My requirement is to show the Data(shown in TreeGrid) in ListView.
    Regarding adding the BaseTreeModel to Store, I couldn't see any result with following approach:

    ListStore<Folder> store1 =...
  23. Hi,
    My requirement is to:
    1. Have one content panel with one toggle button for GridView/ListView,
    2. On click of Toggle button for GridView - show Model(extending BaseTreeModel) data into...
  24. Hi,
    I have :
    1. a custom class extending 'com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.Info' (ErrorInfo extends Info),
    2. a ListStore which has all the Error Messages - logStore
    3. a grid which uses the store...
  25. Sven,
    I tried again and the dummy code is working. Hence, currently I am verifying my Application code which in addition to adding TabItems to TabPanel, has additional code like adding Listeners,...
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