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  1. Hi,

    I have a grid which has server side pagination with page limit of 20.
    then I want to set page size at UI (EXTJS) side also as 5 that means 5 records in a page.

    It will fetch first 20...
  2. Hi,

    I am reading one properties file in JSP file.
    and then I am facing problem while reading JSP file in EXTJS code.
    Pls tell me how to read JSP file in EXTJS code.

    Any help for this is...
  3. Slemmon,

    This code is not working :(
    still aligning to left side.
    not center.
    pls help
  4. I have 5 panel component (drop down kind of) in a main panel.
    I go to the main panel for a certain search and there I show 5 components in that main panel.
    but the issue is .... If I collapse any...
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    Thanks Scott,
    but I have already tried destroy...which is deleting the component from panel
    but I am adding new components which are not visible in panel
    not to render the panel for...
  6. it is not working.
    where are we aligning the tabs in center.
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    I have 2 tabs in tab panel.
    which are left to align them center.
    pls help.
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    I have a panel...which consist of 5 comboboxes.
    and I need to delete them and insert new 10 comboboxes in that Panel..for some event.
    I am able to delete the older components
    but new which I added...
  9. Thanks Friend :)
  10. Thanks Slemmon,
    I just have 3 tabs only and want to align them at center.
    by default it is left aligned.
  11. I want to center align the tabs in a tabpanel..pls help
  12. Hi,

    I have a grid with few records in it and then I want to load more data while I scroll it downwards (scroll bar is there in grid). please tell me how to do that?

    Vipin Mohit
  13. Yes Scott
  14. how can we center tabs in tabbed [panel (which by default sets left).

    vipin mohit
  15. Thanks a lot Moinsen
  16. Thanks for reply.
    can you please explain me that how it will work
    I guess you are trying to put one label after text box which will act as Icon?
  17. how to create text box with search icon at the end in extjs 4

    vipin mohit
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    just to add more information about above query...I need to show 2 diff set of information in those 2 grids which will come in drop down typeahead after filter.
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    I need to add 2 grids in combo box to show type ahead data of combobox.
    I am able to add one grid using picker but facing some problem while adding 2 grids.

    Can anyone please help,thanks.

  20. this thread is very nice, I could get 1 grid in drop down typeahead but I need to show two set of informations in 2 grids.
    kindly help..thanks

    - Vipin Mohit
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