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  1. I just stumbled onto this same problem. Overrides suggested in the previous post does not seem to work. I am working on a fresh download of ExtJS
  2. I'd be interested. Why don't we start one

    Maybe we can organize a meetup in Manila.
  3. Hello,

    I am Extjs 4 final release and i found a weird issue with charts and tabpanels in a table layout.
    I have a viewport that uses a table layout with 1 column. The first item of that table...
  4. I just encountered this bug too. I'm on Opera 11. Anyway we can expedite a fix for this problem ?
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    Thanks so much for this. It was exactly what I needed.
    I hit a bit of a snag using it in an editable grid though.

    When I try to choose a color, the editable cell loses focus and the...
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    This happens to me on a page with a single ExtJs Grid rendered into a div at the center of the page.

    I tried using YUI's onContentReady instead of Ext.onReady and I'm still getting the same...
  7. There was a problem with the fix above. When you click and then drag on a view item it won't select the item you are dragging, therefore, a better fix is ..

    if(e.ctrlKey == false)...
  8. I think I may have found a fix to make the CTRL key to work on the drag and drop organizer example, I just commented out

    if(!view.isSelected(target)) {

    That piece...
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    Yes, please do share how you were able to use swfaddress. Thanks.
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    I ran across a very informative article about screen readers in

    I have also read a couple of threads about...
  11. The code is in a public CVS repository. If you're interested in the javascript, you can find it

    Please note that...
  12. A few months back I wrote a front end to the OpenACS file storage package using ExtJS 1.1.1.

    I found the time to update it to use ExtJS 2.0. Read about it here.
  13. I didn't get why you can't use a gridpanel for the grid.

    I would suggest using a gridpanel and then using the header of the grid view for your breadcrumb and other html.

    var gridHeader =...
  14. hey djliquidice,

    Thanks. I'm using a variation of swfupload called Revision 5.2.
    This link might help.

  15. Excellent work and perfect timing too !

    I created a file manager to work with an existing file storage package from the toolkit that we use (OpenACS).

    I may use your file tree panel to replace...
  16. You seem to always be a step ahead. Here I am working with multiple tabs and grids and messing with on activate events to render grids on click :-)

    I was just wondering if you would consider...
  17. Hello,

    I'm experiencing the same problem with scrollbars.

    grEvenX, can you describe what CSS styles you added or removed from the nestedlayout to fix your problem.


  18. I haven't been able to determine the cause but I've been able to make the selects reappear by doing something like


    The buttons on my wizard interface control which tabs...
  19. Thanks for replying. I tried it but it didn't work.
    I did a couple of experiments.

    One thing I did was to set the active tab to the (1) or the 2nd tab. It seems initially, the drop downs are...
  20. Hello,

    I'm using the layout dialog with 4 tabs in sort of like a wizard interface.
    One of the 4 tabs has a drop down select.

    In Internet Explorer, the drop down select does not appear alhtough...
  21. This is what part of my code looks like

    dataModel1 = new YAHOO.ext.grid.JSONDataModel(schema);
    dataModel1.setDefaultSort(colModel, 0, 'ASC');

  22. Hello,

    I downloaded 0.33 rc3 and I'm still seeing the problem described a few posts earlier about the basic dialog appearing centered horizontally but at the top of a long page when a user is at...
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