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  1. Had the same problem. Your hint - install (or re-install) java runtime - was the solution.
  2. Kesteb - you are brilliant!!!
    I stuck with a grid within a desktop-app. Your Ext.override let me survive!
  3. Dear collegue, 3 years after you helped me much with that post. I think I spent some hours on that problem that Ext.MessageBox lays under the FormPanel that I displayed with floating:true.
    Your post...
  4. Could help myself. As the window shifts and the shadow remains you have to shift the shadow too. Here ist the solution including everything.

    <title>Animation Window</title>...
  5. Hi,
    it is easy to animate Ext.Window using animateTarget: 'div-x' like here:

    var win;
    var newWindow = function( btn ) {
    if( !win ) {
    win = new Ext.Window({
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