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  1. I have filed this issue, no worries there :)

    Indeed, we do use sencha.cfg both internally and for the Ant process.

    The precedence is as you mention with the following notes: sencha.cfg follows...
  2. 1.) sencha.cfg is more of a high level cfg that applies differently depending on the context. See the Configuration Files section -!/guide/command_advanced for...
  3. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  4. @ludoo Where are you putting your custom ant targets?
  5. See this thread: I believe the post by dongryphon has a fix for the problem. :)

    Cheers ~o)
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    For older versions of Ext JS, you will need to use SDK Tools - As a side note, the guides are the driver to determine whether you need SDK Tools or...
  7. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  8. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  9. We have noted the merge issue and a fix is underway :)

    Cheers ~o)
  10. We have looked into this and have a fix coming in the next release of Cmd. :)

    We went over specific integration points and fixed the following to make app generation w/ Sencha Architect a bit...
  11. Thanks for noting this.

    This seems to be a bug with our time-stamping mechanism.

    I have created a ticket for this. :)

    In the meantime, your work around will do the trick.

    Thanks again
  12. Is it any help if you use the more verbose --trace flag?

    Either way, the file should be in the error, so I will create a bug for this issue. ~o)

    Thanks so much!
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    Indeed, it looks like we are planning to add a 'compass watch' option. :)
  14. Thank you for noting this :)

    I have confirmed that we don't do runtime resolution of variables during our dependency detection. We are currently setup to do string literal & array literal...
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    Would you happen to have the error message handy? Also, what Cmd version are you using? :)

  16. No worries, the resources directory starts off empty when doing a 'sencha generate app'.

    However, it looks like there is some setup work that needs to be done to get custom theming initialized.
  17. Here is something to try as a workaround. :)

    To update the bootstrap try this:

    sencha app refresh --base ..

    This will update the base path for the relative-pathing mechanism used when...
  18. Usually, when you do a
    sencha app build, this takes care of removing the diagnostics due to dependency resolution.

    If you do a compile from outside of that, you can manually enable the...
  19. Do you happen to have the logging output handy? :)
  20. Yes, that is the correct command, but you need to specify the compressor. :)

    The possibly compressor values are:


    ex: sencha fs minify -f app.js -t...
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