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  1. Condor, in this case didn't signal failure and success? I am asking for it because didn't work success as well.
  2. Hey Condor, how's everything?
    Guy I've read your post about File Upload failure message however I didn't understand anything because I am total new in EXTjs... Could you tell me more how to set...
  3. please suggest me anything...
  4. no, I can't see anything... on firebug...
  5. success: function (form, action) {
    alert('teste ok');{
    title:'Upload de Foto - SGCS',
    msg: 'Upload...
  6. var conn = new;

    url: 'nomeDaAction',
    params: {
    'idProdutoNaAction': idProdutoDoGrid
  7. if an error happens inside the server? can't I use it failureType and get through SERVER_INVALID like above?
  8. var conn = new; shows it as not defined after first requesting...
  9. After requesting server crashes and EXTjs's failure does not send alert of failed. Why?

    function redireciona(){
    window.location = "pessoas.action";

    Ext.onReady(function() {
  10. Hey mates,
    I am using multi-upload (I don't know the name, but the link is below), when second time to upload the files arrive null value, why?
  11. Is there Sencha's plugin for multi-upload? I only found out File Upload Field plugin...
  12. wow wow... I am sure that's working perfectly! Condor you are the man! You're the master! You're the world's EXTjs number one!

    Animal thanks as well...

    bye bye,
    André AS - Brazil
  13. Condor, Condor, very very happy...
    I don't believe I think that works now LOL... Let me test again, ok? :D :D :D
  14. My apologize, I don't know what Object Model is...
  15. I think I have understood now when you say to use Ext.StoreMgr.get('id-of-store') get access then how to set
    an id to my store? This is my current difficult.
  16. Hey Condor, first of all, thx for rapid helping...

    1 - How to set my store as a global variavel?

    2 - How does Ext.StoreMgr.get('id-of-store') work? How to improve my code using that?

    Look at...
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    Hey all,
    if I have .js included in another page file? Could I call store.load() by calling from another page that has .js file?
  18. Hey, good morning (my time LOL),

    I would like to know if is possible refresh DataView' store if DataView' store were inside another file that I get access
    by including (included)... Is that...
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    I am facing a similar problem refresing DataView' store.
  20. var arrayIdsImagens = []; //Iniatialize that array
    var recebeOsIdsDasImagens = datav.getSelectedRecords(); //Shoud receive photo's ids
  21. that's true I was wrong using getSelectedModel() LOL... thanks I am trying to use it now...
  22. Hi all, on my DataView you can select more than one photo in the same time to delete, my doubt is howto store the ids, can I put all on an Array? If yes, how could I do? And how could I get any id...
  23. thanks guys,

    hey msinn, thanks again,

    //I've tried those below:

  24. thanks all,

    msinn, I really appreciated your tip, I have another doubt:

    Must I load store? imagem-view? or another? For exemple: store.load();?
    Detail: I am calling that out of this .js.

  25. Howto load, call to load a DataView? And more, if I have a DataView, I have to load that or load the JsonStore? Got it?
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