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  1. Ok, I'm noticing some weird behaviors with Aggregate Row and IE7. The following works perfect in Host Mode using GWT 2.0.3 and GXT 2.1.1. with IE 7 and Firefox 3.5.9. Here's the basic. I have a...
  2. How about:

    grid.addListener(Events.CellClick, new Listener<GridEvent>() {
    public void handleEvent(GridEvent be) {
  3. Download the GXT release and it's in the samples directory. Now, some of those samples rely on "test" classes that resides in the actual src directory. So, you might be looking in both spots.
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    Since you are not using the paging toolbar associated with the grid, but creating your own toolbar, then I don't know...but, here's how I make my icons:

    // I add this button to the paging...
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    I'm not following exactly what you're trying to do. If you're trying to add buttons to the toolbar, then I can help you with that. Or, do you want to refresh those icons associated with the paging...
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    public class AircraftStatusBoardRow extends BaseTreeModel implements Serializable {
    * Auto-generated serial ID value for the implementation
    * of serializable.
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    So, you have two buttons on a toolbar. Do you want to dynamically change one icon on the button?
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    The browser context menu is specifically for the browser. If you want the same functionality, then you have to create it.

    I also created, and removed a context menu on the grid. It was a pain if...
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  10. final TabPanel tabs = new TabPanel();
  11. Ok all. Here's the code I have:

    ChartModel cm = new ChartModel("Monthly Flight Information",
    "font-size: 14px; font-family: Verdana; text-align: center;");...
  12. Forgot the GridHeader just in case folks wanted to know what it looks like:

    public class GridHeader implements Serializable {
    private String headerName;
    private String headerID;
  13. This post will only concentrate on exporting a grid data to excel (I use jExcelAPI). You can use this to export to pdf. I just wanted to share some example code with folks especially since many...
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    First, what is the style for? Icon declaration??

    I use:

    Button saveButton = new Button();
  15. This issue is related to using the handleEvent method. In hosted mode, everything works. You must use componentSelected.

    // Use this
    public void componentSelected(ComponentEvent ce) {
  16. Here's some other code that doesn't work:

    ToolBar customToolBar = new ToolBar();

    Button saveButton =...
  17. Ok, I'm straight up having issues getting buttons to render any action. Here's what I have now:

    ToolBar customToolBar = new ToolBar();
    customToolBar.setSpacing(2); ...
  18. Yeah, I posted about this already. I tried to add a button to the pagination toolbar, which already worked before the upgrade to GWT/GXT 2+. I even added a button to a toolbar, which became the...
  19. Ok everyone. This worked before the upgrade to version 2. Actually, some things changed regarding how buttons are added, but here goes.

    I add three buttons to the pagination toolbar. Here's a...
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    I exported my grid's data to Excel and had to use an external servlet. I think the problem is there is no way to generate the "Save As/Open" dialog via GXT/GWT. I think the servlet is needed to do...
  21. I had the same type problem. Make sure you're using FitLayout and not "AnchorLayout" definitely.
  22. As the title states, thanks and it worked.
  23. Ok, I just ran into this issue and I'm not sure how to work around this. I'd like to get the full number of results in my grid, ignoring pagination.

    So, my page size is 20 and I have 21 results. ...
  24. I'm having the same issue. I want to pass an object from a GXT app to a servlet and have it read. The object is of the type I've specified.

  25. After search through HTML Container posts, I got an idea and it worked. I originally had an AnchorLayout in the tab and went to a Fit Layout and it seems to work now.
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