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  1. I'm struggling to figure out how to use Google Maps in Sencha Architect 3 for Ext JS 5.1. I recall an older version of Architect as having a Google Maps component but I cannot locate it in Sencha...
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    I'm struggling to use Ext.Menu component with Architect

    I was trying to attach it to a Panel and that didn't work.

    With the new version of Architect, it let me drag and drop the...
  3. I feel stupid asking this question, but how do I set a property of a component to a variable in SA 3? I have a store for which I would like to set the url from the settings.js file. When I type in...
  4. I too am seeing this behavior with Jelly Bean whenever I rotate the orientation.
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    How do I migrate my project from 2.2.1 to 2.3 in Sencha Architect 3

    I am ready to move to the newest version but can't figure out how.

    BTW, I'm using version
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    Suggested solution does not resolve. Same problem.
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    My app has only two elements, a toolbar and a list. The app starts with the toolbar hidden, and docked at the bottom. I hide the toolbar when I start scrolling(event scrollstart) and show the toolbar...
  8. fmoseley,The provided solution to change the flex:1 does not work as intended. Although it does get the List to sorta display, the List is truncated if the List is larger than the Viewport. Also,...
  9. I view the fact that Ext.List is not visible when scrollabe: false as a bug (unless the height is set in number of pixels, then it shows)

    More details in this thread:...
  10. The recommended solution above of calculating the pixel size of the list did work, but I still do view this as a bug. If I set the list's parent Container to "auto", Sencha Touch should calculate...
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    This is not really a bug but Sencha Touch should implement Float Labels...
  12. I can also validate this bug still exists on Sencha Architect 2.2.3 Build 1044

    I have a project which has this bug. If you guys want, I can email someone at Sencha this project (don't want to post...
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    Is there anything else strange about the ActionBar?

    Try packaging with enabling the BlackBerry Web Inspector and trying and see the properties of the icons....
  14. Andrea,

    Nice meeting you at SenchaCon!

    I found a bug with the editablelist
  15. If you use the pop animation to activate a card, it causes the Webworks Sencha App to freeze on a BlackBerry 10 devices when that card is popped off.

    OS - BlackBerry 10.1
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