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  1. We just launched a preview release of the desktop:
    Check it out here :
    Read more about it here :



  2. We are working on a more robust, reusable, extensible, easy to use Ext JS/Sencha Touch based desktop.keep your eyes on It s coming soon :)
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    I m no longer working on Touch4j.

    The new library is Ahome-Touch:
    And the best way to discuss issues is to post on Github: ...
  4. We just added Screensharing capabilities to the platform. Gotta love Ext JS :)

  5. Thanks :)

    We just upgraded to Ext 5 and I must say it was very smooth and easy compare to upgrading between 4.x versions.

    Also we do have a layer of abstraction on top of Ext JS and Sencha...
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    Now well that s the point. It should nt be hard. Or require ninja skills. Plus you never open sourced that code :)

    Overall I think Famous is taking stuff to another level.
    But Famous and...
  7. What does not load ? The site or the application ?
    I have both of them running on the latest opera here.
  8. For an existing application it will be as simple as uploading a zip containing the icons and the url to your application .
    Below is how it could look. Hope you like it :)

  9. The product is not yet open.

    We are planing to have an alpha release in about a month. You can subscribe to our release and we will contact you when we open the doors.
    We would love to have your...
  10. Strong tooling that goes beyong autocompletion for Sencha Tools.
    This is one of the reason why we created Ahomé-Touch and Ahomé-Ext

    If Java is not a problem for you, you might wanna give it a...
  11. Should work now. We had a small issue with the server.
    Please try again and let me know.
  12. Subscription for our alpha release is now open at :
    Help us build a great product.
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    Yes Client-IO can export GXT 2 and GXT 3 chart to PDF. The same for Ext JS 3 and 4 charts.

    Please note that Client-IO uses Flash under the hood.
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    Hello people,

    Here are some of the GWT based tools we use internally for our Sencha + Java projects.
    There is also support for Ext JS and Sencha Touch in there.

    We hope you found them useful....
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    A late hack yesterday night shows that they actually play very well together :)

  16. The website is live now.

    Let jus know what you think.
  17. Thank you.
    You will be able to register for the beta release soon.
    Stay tuned :)
  18. Yes.
    Ext JS and Sencha Touch are at the hearth of what we do.
    We will share some news soon.
  19. We will take care of the licensing part with Sencha when times a ready.

    We dont bundle Ext JS and Sencha Touch in our SDK. You sill going to have to download it from Sencha Site and add it...
  20. Actually found something about Navara :
    And from what I see this is a totally different story than Ahome-Desk.
    Hopefuly my previous post shows it.

    We provide...
  21. @MartineNavara

    The Desk itself is not a framework. It s a platform in wich one can run regular web apps for desktop and mobile.
    The platform is powered by Ext JS and Sencha Touch.

    On top...
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    Here it is :

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    The project is not dead at all.
    It s actually becoming part of something bigger.
    I just shared the new in the community thread and it s awaiting moderation.
    Soon you will see what we have been...
  24. Hello Folks,

    Today I m really excited to share with you something that we ve been working on and that we will publish soon. We call it Ahomé-Desk.

    Goal of this project is to simplify and unify...
  25. Have a look at
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