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  1. I'm having the same problem. Any news about it? The solution I used at version 2.3.1 does not work anymore.
  2. Try these:
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    Guys, this message started to appear on my logCat and the app changed the behaviour like scroll stopped working, etc.

    06-09 17:26:53.678: D/CordovaLog(31738): : Line 0 : Attr child nodes are...
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    With this:

    Ext.Viewport.on('orientationchange', me.initView, me, {
    buffer: 50

    Actually what I want is to delay the rotation of the screen not the event...
  5. Try this:

    Ext.Viewport.getWindowWidth = function() {return window.innerWidth;};Ext.Viewport.getWindowHeight = function() {return window.innerHeight;};...
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    Hi all,

    I have a dynamic layout that change hbox to vbox when fired orientationChange for this I have a layout card that I change the view on the fired event. The problem that I have is that my...
  7. Is it possible to have a selectfield showing a nested list like this one? Or I have to create a custom component52450?
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    Hi everybody, I'm using sencha touch 2.3.1 with cordova 3.4 to create an android app, but I'm having some problems with high memory consumption. I managed to see the consumption of memory during the...
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    Hi everybody, does anybody know if there is a Color Palette plugin? I use the colorpicker plugin, but I was looking for something looking like a Pallete.

  10. Thks, Actually I needed to change the zIndex to a higher number.
  11. Hi all, I'm developing an app to draw on a canvas, just like the picture, I'm having a problem with the transparent panels that I create, I used absolute position to put them above the canvas but I'm...
  12. Hi all, I'm trying to get a position of X and Y of a textfield on focus event but I'm not being successful. I inspect the textfield and pageX, pageY are always 0. Anyone have any idea?
  13. This solution almost solved my problem but the thing is, when I click on a field it is only ajusted when I start typing and it does not come back to the same position, this is causing scroll problems.
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    Did anyone used this on the new version of sencha 2.3?
  15. Dont think so debianw, and for me this is so critical
  16. Omg, thks so much, so simple solution.
  17. I'm using a tab panel that I add dinamically 1~3 panels, If I have more than one panel I'm using the activeitemchange event to know the title of the active panel with value.title, but I'm getting...
  18. Thks man, I know the method but I Didn't know that a store was returned.
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    Try to use CSS something like this:

    .myList { .x-inner .x-list-item {
    height: SIZE !important;
    on your list:
  20. Hi, How can I add information to a specific record inside a nested data? For example I have two models using hasMany associacion Street hasMany houses. I load this store just fine from a XML file,...
  21. Hi all, I having a problem trying to remove an inner item from a panel, I'm using removeInnerAt(position) and nothing happens the element still on the panel and I can see it when I use...
  22. Thks for your answer, I tried to fix it with css, but I'm not that good.
  23. Hi all, I'm having a problem with the selectfield with the mountainview theme. The label I'm using is a little longer and I use labelWrap to continue on the next line, the problem is that the line...
  24. Give a height to the list to see what happens.
  25. I thought that it was a new bug from this last release, its a shame that a bug like that is happening since 2.2v.
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