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  1. Also, what version of Sencha Cmd are you using?
  2. Greetings All,

    For this release, the Sencha Cmd template package functionality was not really announced or documented (except in the CLI help... which probably should have been disabled to avoid...
  3. Can you try this?

    Ext.define('Ext.patch.tree.Column', {
    override: 'Ext.tree.Column',

    initComponent: function () {
    var scope = this.scope;
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    Some fundamentals like that I think we will address but as a general issue it is a tenuous balance between backwards compatibility and consistency. So, case by case really.
  5. Yes, we have a lengthy document in progress. A first draft should make it to the docs area soon.
  6. This feature was not implemented in the Core merge because of the following two ways to achieve a similar result. Most directly, this was replaced by a Session to give you better scope control over...
  7. Sorry, but we cannot use Compass to compile styles for Ext JS 6. We have added a language feature to support Inspector-style on-the-fly updates and so the code is no longer truly Sass. We have...
  8. Greetings Beta Folks -

    First off: Thanks for trying the beta and reporting on your findings! We really need your input and it is greatly appreciated!

    Second: I am creating this sticky thread so...
  9. I downloaded the app and tested it with the soon to be released beta builds (using "extend": "theme-classic") and it all seems to be working now. I can build the theme (if I add "toolkit": "classic"...
  10. The problem with the generator leaving "${}" has been fixed (SDKTOOLS-1116).

    There is a problem (not yet fixed) using the alternate names ("ext-theme-foo" instead of...
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    In Ext JS you don't wrap those fellows in a "config:{}" block.. try removing it.
  12. It is a handy dev-mode function. To clarify undocumented == private really, but probably could document it. I remember adding it for the very reason you mentioned -- also "please let my debugger...
  13. The plan is definitely to support both flavors of responsiveConfig on modern toolkit. The plugin flavor will take a bit of adaptation (as in, "not there yet") but the mixin was designed to work with...
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    We use that technique for the charts package, so it is definitely appropriate.
  15. That issue was related to internally misusing Ext.EventObject (a bug now fixed in 5.1.1) and so not quite the same as being described here.

    Although... the snippet posted here is similarly...
  16. The Ext.EventObject fellow is no longer a singleton instance in 5.x+. That approach created a raft of subtle problems when events would fire re-entrantly (such as focus and blur) and was replaced by...
  17. I will have a look at #1. Thanks for the details!

    For #2 the way themes come together for Ext JS 6 is like Ext JS 4.2/5/5.1 and not like Sencha Touch. In particular we use Cmd packages to contain...
  18. The //<debug> tag is used in non-production builds (so development and testing). It predates Sencha Cmd so was preserved. There is no //<production> processor so that block will simply be retained...
  19. @devnullable and @sjoerdl - To make any progress it will help to see some code snippets. The class you added and how you require it from other places. Also when you say "no picked up" what...
  20. The first idea I'd check is if "framework": "ext" is being set properly... The second is if the "packages/ext-locale" folder is present in the "ext" folder in your workspace.
  21. I will open a bug for this - thanks for trying the beta!
  22. I believe this is an issue in Sencha Touch the "views", "controllers" etc configs do not properly respect root namespaces.

    You might try:

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    You could also do a post-build fix up of the import statements in the CSS file using or just some shell code. In Cmd 6 we will be replacing the...
  24. I will open a Feature Request for this since it cannot currently be disabled.
  25. Cmd should pick up changes to Sass (and JS) in required packages or themes. This ability has improved in Cmd since app watch was introduced in Cmd 4 so maybe that is where the discrepancies stem...
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