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    Re: Help with extend grid

    I think the problem is at the line of assigning store to pagingtoolbar. It should be:

    bbar: Ext.create('Ext.PagingToolbar', {
    pageSize: 5,
    store: storeEvents, // will be...
  2. sauldls

    Hi sauldls,

    I'm sorry I have misunderstood your question. In fact, the CheckTree doesn't have the method to enable/disable its node(s). However, we can fix this by the following trick:
    1. Add a...
  3. That's right.

    That's right.
  4. Re:

    Hi mkariti,

    I think you should post your code here then the others can help you. I myself did not have problem with both methods that I have mentioned.
  5. Re:

    It seems that you capture the canceledit event from the grid panel. If so, you can not capture it because this event is fired by the RowEditing plugin and it is not relayed to the grid panel while...
  6. Re:

    To my opinion, there are some ways to resolve this:
    1. Set 'autoSync' of the store to 'true'. This way, the store will automatically call your web service to synchronize all what have been changed...
  7. Re: CheckTrees: Is it Possible to Enable/Disable Specific Leafs

    To enable/disable a specific leaf, you should set the 'checked' property of the corresponding node. For example, suppose 'node' is the leaf you want to enable/disable then the code to enable/disable...
  8. Bug in reloading treestore

    It's a bug. You can refer these threads for more information:,...
  9. Access a Toolbar->ComboBox from a controller?

    You can use ComponentQuery to access component from your controller by some ways, such as:
    1. Use Ext.ComponentQuery:

    var comboBox = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('toolbar[dock=top]...
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    This extension is good. However, it will be a problem if you create many notifications with different companions of corner and useXAsis within the same manager. It is because it uses only one list of...
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    @ Manni: Yes, you can use the method mentioned by...

    @ Manni: Yes, you can use the method mentioned by Darthwes. I think we have many ways to do and they will depend on each specific situation.
    About the error "Invalid JSON primitive: test ", I think...
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    Re: Parameters for CRUD action method

    With Ajax proxy, you can use extraParams config to transfer parameters.
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