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  1. Unable to submit from combo after myForm.getForm().setValues();


    I have a combo box of client customer names connected to a remote store that contains... maybe a few hundred records. Too big to preload. But my form also has an "account number" box that...
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    I'm interested in how this is going to shake out...

    I'm interested in how this is going to shake out for you.

    I hope to do the same thing for my app once I get core functionality finished. (If ever the PTB would stop feature creep!)
  3. Creating my own "widget" object, vs a function to return the definition of a widget.


    I've got to display (3) different addresses on a form and all have them connected via ajax.

    Now the display of the address is kinda complex, the labels are on the left of some fields, I'm...
  4. Good approach to load a fairly complicated form from one lookup

    Hi all,

    I've got a fairly complicated customer order form:
    Full name, (First, MI, Last)
    preferred and alternate shipping address,
    phones (fax, mobile, main),
    email... etc...
    Now, assuming...
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