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  1. finally got around to simplify your testcase for you to see the issue since this came up again :((

    basically all i did was get rid of the UX elements, fixed the URL for a local xml file and put...
  2. Sorry for the thread necro.

    I had a similar issue since 4.0 and still in 4.1.x.
    When the issue was reported i remember that i found this thread on google and also dismissed it as a Microsoft IE...
  3. When having a view that is scrolling and clicking an item while being scrolled down the view scrolls back to top so you don't see the active item anymore.

    Seems to be a regression. Downgraded back...
  4. this is one of the places that worked fine in 4.0.x then got all weird in 4.1.x.
    Notice that i tried experimenting alot with width / flex on the column and width on the editor as well as on the...
  5. Since my Support Subscription ran out about 2 weeks ago i don't have access to the last Release (on 4.1.1 atm). Since this still shows [OPEN] i reckon that this bug hasn't been tackled yet?

  6. I'm having an issue with a container that is autoScroll:true in a tabpanel where i'm rendering search results. When i scroll down and then change the tab in that tabpanel the scroll positon gets...
  7. In case anyone stumbles over this issue as well.

    I've just found a workaround for this Firefox glitch.
    The cause is related to the z-index that is defined as such:

    .x-docked {
  8. Quick comparison, same machine.
    First with FF 14

    Then same machine after installing the update to FF15
  9. Yeah it's not that. Panel nesting is minimized to the bone.
    Downgraded to Firefox 14 and got no issues anymore on Mac & Windows.
    It's mostly even just a rendering glitch that results in Text not...
  10. Anyone else noticed that Firefox 15 seems to run some things unbearable slow?

    E.g. Panel Headers and Toolbars in autoScroll:true enabled Containers (e.g. TabPanels). When they are out of viewport...
  11. not really, i had to completely remove the docked button since i cannot debug in IE7.


    it was an Ext.panel.Panel
    added the dock afterrender (based on condition).
    added some items...
  12. On a container Element i got a Button docked to the right.
    When i clear this container via .removeAll() this dock breaks and snaps out of its postion.
    And shows an invalid argument.

    var dock =...
  13. Default for what reason?

    Adding this into my CSS

    .x-viewport, .x-viewport BODY {
    position: relative !important;

    Fixed it in Firefox for me. Which had the same effect as just removing...
  14. e.g. modify the cell-editing.js example

    var grid = Ext.create('Ext.grid.Panel', {
    store: store,
    columns: [{
    id: 'common',
    header: 'Common Name',
  15. in the ext css files there is this:

    .x-viewport, .x-viewport body {
    border: 0 none;
    height: 100%;
    margin: 0;
    overflow: hidden;
    padding: 0;
    position: static;
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    I've stumbled on the same error message.
    I found that i had an extra comma in between my fields Array (in between not a trailing one).
    Like this:

    fields: [
    {name: 'id', type:...
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    Lack of alpha transparency in IE6 is the biggest problem and the hassles with poor CSS selector support. But yeah, even IE9 is still a horrible tool to work with and IE10 won't be the cure either. I...
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    For me IE6 isn't supported anymore and i got the ok to ignore it, IE7-8 is enough hassle to support.

    My personal concern is that on older machines with Firefox being the slowest of the bunch. Will...
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    LoadMasks in collapsed / autoscrolling panels are pretty much as broken in 4.1 RC1 as they were in 4.0.x

    Thought i've read somewhere that these are fixed. :s
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    can someone please explain the motivation in moving towards TABLE layouts in 4.1 where previous ExtJS versions had clean DIV constructs?

    For years webdevs were preaching that TABLE layouts are the...
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    up to 4.0.7

    when placing a menu to the right hand side (via adding a '->' somewhere before adding the button with the menu) of the browser it's even worse.

    IE7 or IE9 in IE7 mode will just cut...
  22. hmm i'm seeing this just SINCE 4.0.7

    Allso all load-masks on views within a panel that has autoScroll true get the load-mask placed centered on the total content height. making the load-masks...
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    could it be that there is noone actively working on the 4.0.x branch?

    build process is broken and no commits since 20th Oct.

    do i need to switch to 4.1.x branch ?
  24. i'm currently working with 4.0.7

    Where it doesn't seem to work.

    I've briefly looked at the first 4.1 preview recently but my app failed to work in so many ways that i trashed it right away.

    doesn't seem to do anything.
    could this be a bug?
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