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  1. This can also be specified right in Window object's "tool" config option:

    tools: [{
    hidden: true,
    handler: function(e, target, panel){
  2. Guys,
    Adding to the discussion above, I am setting the grid column width as per the combo's selected text's width (i.e in grid's currently focussed combo, present under a grid column inside a grid...
  3. Thanks condor, you are great.
    I checked this issue in a number of forums but no one was answering it correctly.
    I had this problem stuck literally for almost a month and a half.
    Now checkboxes...
  4. Hi,

    I have problem accessing an HTML button (type=Submit) which exists in autoLoaded Page i.e it loads on a panel using autoLoad {url:myurl} config option. The Panel is being created on an ExtJS...
  5. Replies
    I have a problem folks. Please please please help me as I am just going frantic.

    I have two combos laid out on a popup ExtJS window.

    On change of one combo, other combo should filter its...
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