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  1. beta 3 still has the same problem.

    i am using just 1 class of gxt 3 as long as it does not near final. the XElement, but this already makes the app stop working properly.
    as soon as gxt 3.x is...
  2. hi sencha team!

    i am working on a gxt application which should run also on ios devices in fullscreen. this was no problem with the developer preview versions of gxt 3. but with the current gxt 3...
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    hi sven!

    thanks for your answer!
    backward compatibility: there is no need to be backward compatible, as long as both (gxt2+3) can be used at same time.
    with uibinder framework, gxt2 widgets...
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    hi dev team!

    it would be great if gxt 3.x and 2.x can be used in same project.
    please have a look at gxt uibinder framework.
    with this in mind, porting can be a smooth process, using gwt 2.4,...
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    dear dev team!

    the ToolBarLayout contains a bug. if a panel contains a toolbar and the panel is disconnected from its parent and later connected again, the toolbar looses all its content (still...
  6. hi dev team,

    i have not found an issue in forum search for this:

    the class ColumnFooter is not public. thus i cannot use it in my own GridView implementations. i have to override and...
  7. seems to be a firefox (i am using 3.5.5) only problem.
    on safari it works.
    yes, this method should not do any rendering. but it does on firefox. i try provide a testcase with a dialog and a combo...
  8. hi dev team!

    i run into a problem with comboboxes.
    i have a modal dialog with a buttonbar containing a combobox.
    the value of the combobox is set before the dialog is shown.

    this causes the...
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    hi dev team!

    i saw that under safari (webkit) generally many things are not properly calculated on zooming. like menus, dropdown lists etc etc...
    so this is not only on grids....

    regards, kht
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    hi gxt team!

    i bought a commercial license yesterday using the presale offer.
    but i did not get any email notification / password or whatever.
    what are the next steps?
    how to get access to svn?...
  11. hi sven,

    i did that already in java, using embedded mozilla for displaying those large lists (generating nodes on the fly). it is all very fast and i use it in some cases even for 500.000+ rows....
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    gxt 2.0 m3, osx 10.5.7, safari 4

    hi dev team!

    what i reported on (editable) buffered grids regarding zooming is true for all grids on safari 4. while non buffered grids with ff 3 behave well...
  13. hi sven,

    yes, i can imagine that.

    what about measuring rendered rows and store the size of each row? or if you want to make it fixed height each row, that on rendering if the height differs,...
  14. hi sven,

    please dont close this topic.
    even if no row expander can be used nor different row heights.
    the displaying of large amounts of simply data does not work!

    please open the explorer,...
  15. 2.0 m3, osx 10.5.7, firefox 3.0.9 and safari 4.0

    dear dev team!

    congratulations for the 2.0 version!
    it's a great step forward!

    one thing i was longing for was the buffered grid and...
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    gxt: 1.2.3

    hi dev team!

    the effect member should be initialized in:

    public FxEvent(Fx fx, Effect effect) {
    this.fx = fx;
  17. os: mac osx 10.5
    gxt: 1.2.3
    locale: de_AT

    i had the same problem here in austria. maybe it really depends on the swiching to summer time. endless initialization... yesterday (sunday) whole...
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    gxt: 1.2.3 (and all before)
    browser: firefox 3.0.x (safari 3 and 4 works fine)
    os: osx 10.5.6, vista

    hi dev team!

    i display a set of BeanModels (100-1000) in an EditorGrid. the width of the...
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    hi grant!

    this is really a great work!
    could this become part of gxt itself? would be great :D.

    maybe i am using it wrong, but i tried with a datasource which has 0 or 1 entry. this made it...
  20. hi darrell,

    will this find it's way into the 2.0 roadmap?
    would be really great.


    regards, kht
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    i also would need the iphone / ipod touch beeing supported.
    on the long run, many browsers would be affected on mobile devices....

    regards, kht
  22. i totally agree with jratcliff.

    take a book as an example. my widget which i have done in java/eclipse renders books. a whole book at once (just taking milliseconds for the whole book with...
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    hi darrell,

    you can easily see what should be protected.
    1) if you use eclipse, just move subclasses to other packages and see what is broken. e.g. GridView and its subclasses and nested classes...
  24. os: osx
    gxt: 1.1.1++
    browsers: all

    hi gxt team,

    when all rows are visible inside a grid, the vertical scrollbar is not needed and disappears as it should. but the space of this scrollbar is...
  25. gxt: 1.1.1
    os: osx
    browser: firefox 3

    hi gxt team,

    when the mouse pointer is leaving the grid at right side over the scrollbar, then gxt on firefox leaves the current x-grid3-row-over style...
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