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  1. Go to another item of the carousel. Suppose you have 4 rows of 12 images, 48 images in total. From image 2, I might want a link that goes to image 27. Then if you swipe horizontally, you'd go to 26...
  2. I have the following code working properly (which, for a designer, is good progress) and I need to link to an internal image within the Carousel and load that ... let's say, image 4 of row 3.

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    Is there a way, while the app actually is displaying the Default loading png in the background, for an app to also show the activity spinner while that is happening, so there's at least something...
  4. Thanks. Figured it out.
  5. Anyone? How do I find which item has been activated? Are there variable names somewhere called activated and deactivated?
  6. Thanks, Mitchell, but can you help and tell me what message/function(?) that info is being sent to in the code, so I can test and display this info for myself via an alert box or something? That...
  7. I'd like to add couple of empty divs into the HTML code that get content added to them dynamically if the user has swiped to certain pages. But the app will need know what image is currently showing...
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    Oh, thanks. I thought (as a designer, rarely a programmer) that the itemsCountPerCategory = 10 was a fixed number and that the number of images in each Category had to equal that.

    Oh, wait, I...
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    In the 2.0 Carousel example, is it possible to have one of the Categories have less than 10 (or whatever you've decided) images, but all the rest have 10? The first Category have only 4 images for...
  10. Thank you!

    This is answered now.
  11. I may have missed it (senior's moment?) but where are the instructions on how we take any of the example apps (i.e., Forms) and actually create a standalone iOS app from it?
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