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    it's basically a mootools class that allows AIR's NativeWindow to be animated when moving/resizing.

    Anyone know of anything similar for Ext? I know...
  2. looks like Ext.air.* was removed from the 2.3.0 docs...wonder why?
  3. I think Ext JS is a great framework to develop AIR apps on. I remember when I was first getting familiar with Ext JS & it was a very steep learning curve, but once I got the hang of it, I found Ext...
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    There is Ext.sql.* in the ext-air js file but it's not documented
  5. it should work. The JsonStore & GridPanel definition whould look something like this (referencing the file in the app-storage directory using the app-storage:/ shortcut) :

    var someJsonstore =...
  6. i 2nd this...I use yuicompressor as the last step of compressing all the js code before packaging our Adobe AIR app, so integration with yuicompressor would be nice (or the ability to turn off...
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    Hey Aaron, do you have any idea on when 2.2.1 is expected to be released?

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    you can reference other windows with something like this...

    for example, if you want to control a particular window that is a Ext.air.NativeWindow(), you could do something along these lines:

  9. maybe you've already done this, but are you using the latest introspector included in the 1.5 SDK? I haven't had any probs in our AIR app (which uses jquery + ext js)
  10. the migration from xulrunner->AIR was fairly straightforward; much easier than ramping up on xul/xulrunner. No real snags that I can remember during the migration. One of the big reasons we moved to...
  11. Hi,

    Raptr is a social networking site geared towards gamers. Our desktop client that is a combination of a game launcher/tracker/browser, friends list/browser, download manager, file updater (and...
  12. I am working on an Adobe AIR 1.1 app, using ExtJS 2.1 + jQuery 1.2.6 and am getting a "TypeError: Undefined" whenever I attempt to assign a listener to NativeWindow

    my script load order is:
  13. hi,

    i want to programmatically render a Ext.ProgressBar into a grid in response to a contextmenu event (basically the grid would act as the frontend to a download manager -- a user would right...
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    Hi folks,

    I just created a custom build (worked great), but looking at the generated source code, this is the first thing I see in the code:

    * Ext JS Library 2.0.2
    * Copyright(c)...
  15. argh. ok i figured it out. removing autoHeight: true and autoWidth: true fixed it. I guess it causes problems when you specify layout: fit :)
  16. howdy,

    i have a GridPanel that is contained inside a Viewport with the grid as the only item. I read through the Grid FAQ and have set layout: 'fit' & autoScroll: true to but I'm not getting a...
  17. thanks condor. i tried this out but I don't see a tooltip (or judging by the html, a quicktip)? Is there any additional configuration that I need to do to enable it?

    update: nevermind, i looked...
  18. hi,

    i am trying to add an Ext.ToolTip to a grid cell via a custom renderer but how do I access to the reference to the grid cell that calls the renderer?

    Here my GridPanel defining the...
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    i figured this one out, after stumbling through a few mistakes, so I'm posting here for the archive in the hope that this will save someone some headache down the line :)

    1) i erred and misread...
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    just a quick follow-up. i saw that there is a filterBy method on GroupingStore, so i tried the following, expecting to see some output in the firebug console

    var store = new...
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    i have a grouping store that I'd like to filter by a particular field in the JSON data, but am not sure how the filtering mechanism works

    here's my GroupingStore:

    var store = new...
  22. thanks! i found this thread which is doing something similar and sounds like i could basically update the record in the store to get the behavior I want.

    thanks for your excellent Grid FAQ as...
  23. is there an example out there of a dynamically updating (via AJAX) cell in a GridLayout, like a dynamic stock price ticker?

    I have an extjs grid layout where I'd like to have a cell updating in a...
  24. that worked...thanks, para!
  25. Hi,

    I have a GridPanel (loaded from JSON data) & I've attached a listener (rowcontextmenu) that opens an when a user right clicks on a row.

    I would like one of the context menu...
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