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    We have had se sampe problem. I suppose the problem is caused by iconCls attribute, in the working example there is icon attribute instead iconCls attribute. If the action colum is diabled, the cls...
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    Hello looks like a newbie question but I'm in dubt...
    When I destroy a grid It also destroy the store called in the grid or should I trig the destroy store manually like:
  3. Thanks dude but there's no pages, got a 404!
  4. Hello everyone, I'd love to know if there are any possibilities to use nested grids on ExtJS. I tried to google it but seems there's just a way with ExtJS 3.0, unfortunately doesn't work with ExtJS...
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    mmh...then what should I do to get the other column-cell value?
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    seems to not working...or maybe I'm doing something wrong...
    it says
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getItemId' of undefined
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    mmh...does it work with cellEditingPlugin ?
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    Hello again, I have a grid with three columns, the last column has an editableNumberField; the editableNumberField cannot be a number less of 0 or less of the nearby column (dataIndex is...
  9. damn, you rock!
    thanks a lot
  10. Hello again, another question how can I get the field id of the value changed in my grid?
    I used an event called onXmlstoreUpdate with the this method:

    onXmlstoreUpdate: function(store,...
  11. how can I refresh the grid after I make the selection from the combo? I'll try out with this work-around
  12. exactly It's right, the problems still that It shows me the valueField, but I need the displayField! I dunno what think to fix it. I thought that retrieve dinamically the combo's values annoying...
  13. No way... :(
    , the fact is, the combo is populated dinamically each row has a different rowItemID and the combo store uses this ItemID to apply a filter dinamically. For this reason I thought the...
  14. mmmh...I tried but doesn't work...still the same.
  15. Hello, I can't understand how shoul'd I put a working combobox in a grid row. I did it by writing this:

    xtype: 'gridcolumn',
    renderer: function(value, metaData, record, rowIndex,...
  16. Hello, I set the
    Window closeAction as destroy

    FieldContainer (has no property like destroy)

    Grid closeAction as destroy.

    I tried to set all of them as hide but something broke up the...
  17. Exactly I got the same error. I have a grid placed in a Window, when I click the button to open it works well, but If I close and retry to open it a second time doesn't work. The console log show...
  18. Maybe I fixed it up! As you said I uninstalled the SDK-Tools, then the most important thing, I put the entire ext- folder under C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ext-
  19. Mmh, what do you mean? The guide says to download and install both of them:
    1)Download and install Sencha Cmd (SenchaCmd-
    2)Download the appropriate version of the Ext JS SDK...
  20. Thanks a lot but It is the exactly the executable I downloaded and installed:
    SenchaCmd- (38.600kb)
  21. Hello everyone, I'm trying to follow the tutorial guide Introduciton to Sencha Cmd - Ext JS 4.2.0, well I got a problem in System Setup (page 2) ...I spent most of the time during this morning to...
  22. hi there, what do you mean with " for developers working on large projects and in multi-person teams.", It seems to be the same, there's no any CVS, Team-Syncronize, Share Project options...
    Am I...
  23. 42401
  24. Nice, I'll take a look on it, maybe I'll put all the stuff on VM before. Then next week will be avaible the autoupdate, correct?
  25. That's sounds good. thank you Aaron, when are you plan to release the Architect 2.2? I still using the 2.1.0 and I can't wait to put hands on the upcoming version 2.2 :) Hope you'll solve all your...
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