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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the reply,
    Looks like it is closed system, doesn't want import and export on the widgets,...
    How about the charts view, like d3.js, ... I think there are lots of stuff sencha...
  2. Does ext.js support integration with other widget libraries via OpenAJAX? If so, where is the documentation that details ext.js OpenAJAX integration
  3. Hi mitchellsimoens,
    Thanks fro the help?
    If EXTJS is not support export widgets, does it support import widgets from other js libs?
    If it is yes, may know how, samples or tutorials?

  4. Hi,
    Does the EXTJS support to export GUI widgets or components to other framework?
    How to do it? Is there a sample?

  5. Replies
    Hi Mitchell,

    It would be nice if we can integrate the EXTJS to Maqetta. Would you like to give some hint ?

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